Birst Launches New Technology Partnership with Tableau Software

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birst-logoBirst, a global leader in Cloud BI and Analytics, announced a technology partnership with Tableau Software (NYSE: DATA), a global leader in rapid-fire, easy-to-use business analytics. This product integration brings Tableau’s powerful visual analytics to Birst’s agile and scalable Cloud BI data platform through an ODBC connector. Companies and organizations around the world will be able to easily refine and unify their data with Birst and then seamlessly analyze it in Tableau.

Tableau’s mission is to help people see and understand their data. Insightful visual analytics require access to every source of data across an organization,” said Dan Jewett, Vice President of Product Management at Tableau Software. “By helping Birst create a connector to Tableau, our companies are continuing this vision by elevating the analytics experience for customers.”

Traditionally, companies have been locked into slow legacy business intelligence solutions, which provided a broad range of capabilities under one brand name, but across a patchwork of older un-integrated technologies. These solutions have failed to deliver the speed and access to data that today’s businesses demand. With this integration Birst and Tableau have taken the opposite approach, allowing companies to leverage Birst’s 2-tier data technology platform together with Tableau’s visual analytics software – providing the speed and ease-of-use people crave in analytics with a modern, enterprise-grade data architecture required to run today’s businesses.

As a modern technology innovator ourselves, we are excited about the integration of Birst’s agile semantic layer with Tableau’s analytics power” said Jeff Baldwin, Director of Business Operations at Jive Software. “The seamless combination of Birst’s data platform with Tableau’s analytics will enable us to see a unified view of more of our data faster and better – so that we can drive measureable results across the organization.”

Tableau’s powerful visual analytics extend Birst’s expertise for refining, unifying, and analyzing disparate data within a single cloud-based platform. This combination enables Birst customers to create dynamic, interactive visualizations that are based on a single source of the truth.

In an era where legacy BI vendors are losing ground, you have two forward-thinking technology companies like Birst and Tableau, typically seen as competitors, now working together to help more people make better decisions with data,” said Jay Larson, CEO, Birst. “The reality is that Birst’s and Tableau’s technologies are much more complementary than competitive, and we’re thrilled about this unique opportunity to work with Tableau to deliver analytics to everyone, from developers to data analysts to business users, without forcing companies to make trade-offs between speed, ease-of-use and data governance.”


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