DataStax Announces New Database Solution with HP

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datastax_logo_rgbDataStax, the company that delivers Apache Cassandra™ to the enterprise, announced DataStax Enterprise (DSE) on HP Moonshot, a joint database management solution that delivers breakthrough efficiency and scale. In today’s data-driven world, it’s critical for businesses to derive real-time insight from extremely high-volume, high-velocity, dynamic and unstructured data. DSE on HP Moonshot provides organizations with a database management solution designed to handle massive amounts of data across many servers with predictable scalability and exceptional performance.

The key to success in today’s business environment is making data a central focus and organizations must rethink their hardware needs when deploying distributed databases like DataStax Enterprise,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO, DataStax. “The ‘bigger is better’ approach to hardware technology is antiquated in today’s radically connected world where a distributed database management system is critical to meeting the performance and availability demands of IOT, web and mobile applications. In order for organizations to realize the full power of DataStax Enterprise, they must have the right hardware solution in place and that’s why we are excited to work with HP as the HP Moonshot servers support the massive distributed scalability required by modern data-driven, online applications. ”

Realize Breakthrough Economics

DSE on HP Moonshot addresses the scalability needs for complex, large-scale deployments, while lowering the total cost of ownership by on average up to 66 percent*. The reduction in footprint and physical components results in systems using up to 90 percent less power, 75 percent less space and 98 percent less cabling*, while achieving exceptional performance.

Organizations trying to manage today’s data deluge with legacy technology face many challenges – such as lagging response times, escalating IT costs and limited scale-out capabilities,” said Susan Blocher, vice president, Marketing and Business Development, HP Moonshot. “The predictability of DataStax Enterprise software and the scalability of HP Moonshot servers enables our joint customers to handle large amounts of data with exceptional performance and continuous availability.”

Optimize Application Performance

DSE on HP Moonshot can support a growing user base with up to 1.7x more ops/second than traditional rack mount infrastructure to ensure exceptionally fast response times**. Additionally, this solution simplifies application environments, increases capacity and utilization with a smaller footprint, and helps ensure continuous availability for business critical applications that require fast performance with no downtime.

SpringCM’s document management platform allows our customers to manage a variety of business-critical documents, regardless of location. To ensure the consistency and security of these documents across multiple data centers we migrated from traditional relational databases to DataStax Enterprise in order to keep pace with the performance demands of our applications,” said Chris King, VP of Operations, SpringCM. ”With the addition of new data centers across the U.S., implementing the DataStax Enterprise on HP Moonshot solution enabled us to store more data in a rack while using less power, in addition to being easier to manage and scale as we grow.”

Accelerate Innovation

DSE on HP Moonshot delivers greater compute density and configuration simplicity, even as organizations grow. Additionally, the solution reduces the burden of management with tools that help visually monitor and manage a business environment with full control from any browser or device.


DataStax Enterprise on HP Moonshot is now available. For more information, visit or download the DataStax Enterprise on HP Moonshot white paper here.

*Numbers vary by Moonshot server cartridge and customer configuration; based on HP internal analysis

**Versus traditional 2U 2P rack server, based on HP Internal testing


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