RapidMiner Powers Data-Driven Fundraising for Amnesty International Belgium

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Amnesty International, is a global movement of more than seven million people, campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. As a non-profit, the organization relies heavily on individuals to help fund the organization’s extraordinary social impact for justice and freedom. Amnesty International Belgium – Flemish section (AIB) uses a CRM system to extend the relationship lifecycle with its dedicated donor network. While a CRM system is a key component to tracking donations, AIB wanted to improve its performance by using modern data analytics methods.

After extensive research among top analytical platforms in the market, AIB selected RapidMiner, an easy-to-use Modern Analytics platform. By applying RapidMiner analytic clustering and scoring over relationship life cycles, or “supporter journeys,” AIB is now testing intelligent segment outreach to maximize donor engagement by tracking how long a donor has participated, and customizing contact frequencies month by month. The data analytics engine analyzes and reports evolution in recurring donor bases, benchmarks against other organizations willing to share donor data and serves as an engine for automating supporter journeys.

RapidMiner freed us from IT,” explains Ilja De Coster, Amnesty International Belgium’s in-house fundraising consultant. “I’m not a data scientist, so what used to take weeks of interacting with programmers not understanding my needs as a marketer, now takes half a day with RapidMiner.”

RapidMiner is used to predict donor responses to telemarketing calls or direct mailings once they have signed a petition or stopped giving, improving the cost-effectiveness of fundraising efforts. What’s more, timely automation ensures donors aren’t mistakenly re-solicited once they begin donating, which was a problem with the previous system that took several weeks to produce follow-up lists. In that way the timeliness of RapidMiner will contribute to higher satisfaction ratings from Amnesty International Belgium’s donors.

RapidMiner is fast becoming the driver and engine of our fundraising operation,” added De Coster. “And, now that we’ve been using the platform at the local level, internationally, several other non-profits are looking to use it as well.”

AIB is also exploring additional applications using RapidMiner including anomaly detection to identify significant changes in donation behavior by individual donors, pattern recognition and churn detection.

For more information about Amnesty International Belgium’s experience using RapidMiner, please download the full case study here.


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