Looker Expands Embedded BI Program with the Launch of “Powered By Looker”

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Looker-logoLooker, provider of the SaaS business intelligence platform creating data-driven companies, announced the launch of Powered By Looker, a new offering that enables organizations to deliver the full functionality of the Looker BI platform as an embedded service. Customers can now embed Looker analytics in any website, portal or app. Moreover, via an OEM option, businesses using Powered by Looker can offer the entire Looker platform to enable their customers, users and partners to explore and analyze their data.

Today we are introducing a whole new way for Looker to deliver business insights,” said Looker CEO, Frank Bien. “Our customers can now create an external-facing data discovery environment with the same flexibility, power and rapid deployment that business users have come to expect from a solution like Looker.”

Traditional business intelligence solutions require a significant upfront investment to deploy heavy architecture, prepare highly manicured data warehouses and pay expensive license agreements. Furthermore, they weren’t built to support modern web applications.

Looker was architected entirely differently. It functions as a lightweight web application server, deployed on-prem or in the cloud, that connects directly to the database without moving or storing the data. This makes it fast and easy to deploy and manage. Looker is entirely web-based and offers an expressive metadata layer for building custom analysis quickly. The result is Looker customers are able to rapidly go to market with a powerful, customized data product delivered through the web.

Looker customers are already achieving impressive results with Powered by Looker

D&S Global, a provider of accounts receivable solutions that works with clients to mitigate credit risk, was looking to increase transparency with their customer base by providing them the ability to view their portfolio details online. Before implementing Looker, the company sent static monthly reports to their customers.

This process was time-consuming and difficult for us to manage and it left customers with far too many questions unanswered,” said Aaron Bostick, D&S CTO. “With Powered by Looker, we have embedded access to the data into an existing customer portal. Our customers now have timely access to their information, along with the ability to explore all of it for deeper understanding.”

iFactor Consulting provides self-service solutions that bridge the communications gap between utilities and their customers. iFactor’s flagship product, iFactor Mobile, offers a convenient way for customers to access their account and report power outages anytime, anywhere. Looker will be deployed as the customer facing analytics and reporting solution to iFactor’s 45 utility clients across the country (including five of the top ten largest utilities in the U.S.), providing an easy way for their customers to get mobile alerts and continually updated data about energy usage, power outages, etc.). In total, these utility companies will use Powered By Looker to provide information to more than 150 million people nationwide.

Last year alone, utility companies using the iFactor Notifi alert and preference management system exchanged more than 40 million messages with their customers,” said Shazir Khan, CEO and President of iFactor. “Looker allowed us to take a massive amount of data about events, such as messages sent and received, opt-ins and opt-outs, and subscriptions, and display it in an easy-to-consume format for clients to analyze and share with their internal teams.”

Boxever provides customer intelligence to the marketing teams at airlines and other travel companies to support targeting customers at a granular level, delivering offers especially suited to these customers, and tracking the effectiveness of the campaigns. In Looker, Boxever has found a robust exploration tool that will allow their customers to perform detailed analysis on KPIs, acquisition, conversion and retention – each of which is critical to understanding the effectiveness of initial marketing campaigns and ongoing marketing efforts.

Boxever uses Powered by Looker to offer more detailed data interrogation,” said David O’Flanagan, Boxever CEO. “This enables our users to drill down into their data to learn more about their business and guests. Looker puts complex insights concerning marketing effectiveness, transaction size and lifetime customer value right at their fingertips.”

With Powered by Looker, organizations that already have a portal or app that provides static reporting to their users (as well as organizations in the process of implementing that kind of reporting capability) can now embed interactive, real-time analytics inside their existing infrastructure. This provides their users a far more robust window into their data. Additionally, organizations looking to provide even deeper analytical capabilities to their customers now have the option to provide the full Looker platform on an OEM basis.

Because the Looker architecture is fully cloud-based, deployment of Powered by Looker under either model is quick and painless,” added Bien. “Powered by Looker users never have to worry about switching back and forth between desktop development and cloud publishing again. Everything they need to manage and deploy self-service analytics for their customers is right at their fingertips.”

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