Data Science 101: How Deep Learning Powers Flickr

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deeplearningIn recent years, deep learning is making tremendous strides in the field of machine learning. To provide insights into how businesses are using this technology, the video presentation below looks behind the scenes at a company with a very recognizable name – Flickr. The presenter is Dr. Pierre Garrigues, Researcher in Machine Perception & Learning at Flickr. The presentation took place at the Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco on 29-30 January 2015.

Deep learning has given Flickr the ability to automatically extract thousands of concepts from images. In this talk, Dr. Garrigues describes how Flickr has leveraged this technology to enhance the company’s products while improving the relevance of image search, made it possible for users to search their own photos even if they are not manually tagged, and improved the quality of the photos that are powering the Yahoo weather app. He also highlights some of the challenges that the company faced in their journey to bring deep learning into the user’s hands.


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