Teradata Database Enhancements Announced

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teradata_logo_miTo help organizations achieve extreme query performance for operational and analytical workloads, Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, announced enhancements to the Teradata Database’s  hybrid row and column capabilities. The enhancements provide quicker access to data stored on columnar tables, which drive faster query performance for more agile business decisions.

Other relational database management systems store data tables in rows or columns, and each method offers unique benefits, depending on the application and type of data. However, they have been mutually exclusive. Teradata’s new hybrid row and column capabilities allow the best of both worlds. Teradata’s technical innovations have made it possible to pinpoint single-row data retrieval for fast tactical queries, which reduces unnecessary row scanning. In addition, the “update-in-place” technical capability allows data to be updated within the row, without the need to copy the updated information at the bottom of the table, as is common for columnar databases. These technical enhancements improve query performance and storage efficiency.

Teradata developed the industry’s-first hybrid row and column database and has now enhanced it, setting a new standard for database functionality,” said Dan Harrington, executive vice president, global consulting and support services, Teradata. “Teradata Database’s unmatched flexibility supports organizations grappling with massive volumes of data, more concurrent users, and increased demands for better intelligence. This new hybrid capability reduces the amount of data read in wide tables, while preserving pinpoint data access for real-time operational queries.”

For example, telecommunications companies have very wide tables that capture all of the data about each network call in Call Detail Records. With Teradata hybrid row and column capabilities, these wide tables can support analytical queries on different columns for network quality and regional traffic volume analyses, while also offering direct access to a single row for a call center query for customer support.

This innovation will be available with Teradata Database 15.10, by the end of second quarter.


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