ScaleOut Software Announces Release of ScaleOut ComputeServer

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ScaleOut_newlogoScaleOut Software, a leading provider of in-memory computing software, today announced the release of ScaleOut ComputeServerTM, a scalable software platform that enables enterprises to track and analyze live data and generate immediate feedback to achieve operational intelligence. ScaleOut ComputeServer builds on ScaleOut’s core in-memory technology with the introduction of streamlined MapReduce APIs called SimpleMR, and powerful new query capabilities called Invoke Filters, for both Java and C#.

At ScaleOut, we have been advancing in-memory computing technology to empower our customers to track and analyze live, fast-changing data within their production systems. Enterprises across many industries need to obtain full value from their fast-changing data, incorporate real-time feedback, and thereby enhance competitiveness. ScaleOut ComputeServer is specifically designed to generate the operational intelligence our customers need,” said Dr. William L. Bain, founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software.

Based on ScaleOut’s in-memory computing technology, ComputeServer is powerful and fast, evidenced by benchmarked continuous computations on more than a terabyte of fast-changing data every three seconds. The low latency and scalability provided by this in-memory technology allows a wide range of industries, including retail and finance, to track and analyze constantly changing data in real time and influence business processes. In a cable industry benchmark, ScaleOut’s technology demonstrated the ability to ingest and analyze more than thirty thousand events each second from tens of millions of cable set-top boxes and offer domain-specific, timely recommendations to viewers in less than a second while updating aggregate statistics every ten seconds.

In addition to adding numerous, internal performance optimizations for large multicore systems, ScaleOut ComputeServer also enhances ScaleOut’s core, in-memory technology with two new industry-leading capabilities:


ScaleOut ComputeServer adds new MapReduce APIs designed to simplify and streamline MapReduce applications by avoiding the need for standard Hadoop distributions. These APIs are integrated directly into ScaleOut’s in-memory compute engine and in-memory data grid to deliver extremely fast execution times. SimpleMR eliminates the need to install and reference Hadoop MapReduce libraries from standard distributions in order to run in-memory, data-parallel computations with MapReduce semantics, ultimately reducing execution times. Available for both Java and C#, now .NET applications can run in-memory MapReduce.

Extended Query APIs Using Invoke Filters

ScaleOut ComputeServer extends property-based query APIs for in-memory data grids with the introduction of invoke filters for both Java and C#. Invoke filters allow applications to run data-parallel methods to perform advanced analysis to select objects. Applications now can eliminate the restrictions imposed by standard query techniques and harness the power of data-parallel computation to implement deep query analysis. In C#, invoke filters are integrated into Microsoft LINQ as extension methods to simplify program design.

Downloads of ScaleOut ComputeServerTM will be available starting May 19, 2015. This product replaces ScaleOut Analytics Server®.


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