Truedash Announces Introduces Advanced Collaborative Platform for Intelligent Business Analytics

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Truedash_logoLondon-based Truedash announces the launch of its Business Analytics (BA) platform, a dynamic, collaborative tool that gives businesses the agility to make informed decisions and get the most value from their data.

The cloud-based Truedash BA platform is able to aggregate any number of business data sources into a central repository for in-depth and intelligent predictive analytics. Businesses and project teams can now import an unlimited number of datasets — including spreadsheets, social media data, cloud-based app data and even unstructured data into a single platform for a deep overview of differing business metrics.

To complement the rich level of information Truedash allows business teams to create fully customizable dashboards for end-to-end visualization of specific datasets to help identify historical trends and provide a strategic platform for sustained company development. With a focus on business agility and collaboration, Truedash gives its users easy connectivity via both desktop and mobile devices — a feature that is complemented by a user’s ability to easily share dashboards, insights, and alerts via chat and email.

In order to take informed steps to promote business growth all companies require a high level of digestible data that can be easily accessed and analyzed by both managers and teams. Truedash provides that as a customizable and centralized solution,” explains Co-founder and CEO Ricky Thomas, who successfully sold his previous startup Petmeds for a seven-figure sum in 2012. “Our intelligent analytics platform gives our users insights into their own data that they may not have even thought of before,” he adds.

User’s can apply Truedash’s business analytics features, for example, to view customer trends and segmentation details, allowing them to discover previously unknown segments of their own customer base that, in turn, can be targeted for increased sales conversions. Managers will also have the option to control their email data reports, which can be scheduled for specific datasets at specific times.

Additionally, businesses can take a proactive approach to their data via Truedash’s customizable real-time alert features, which can be set to notify key staff immediately if a specific set of data is identified by the system.

This type of business critical data for requires more than graphs or pretty dashboards. Truedash’s intuitive interface allows users to easily discover, visualize and customize data representations according to individual preference to give a truly 360 degree view of business processes and customers,” says Co-founder and CTO Manjit Johal.

As more companies around the world turn towards their data in order to optimize business critical processes, BA solutions such as Truedash — which can give simple yet powerful overviews of key datasets — are becoming increasingly invaluable tools. According to an Accenture and General Electric study in 2014, 87% of enterprises believe Big Data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years.

Unlike other analytics solutions — such Tableau and Birst — Truedash utilizes machine learning technologies to its software in order to provide businesses with true BA and does not apply a limit to the amount of data it can analyze. By providing an intuitive and powerful visualization tool to facilitate informed business decisions, Truedash is set to become the go-to BA tool for businesses of any industry.


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