Hadoop Summit 2015 – San Jose

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hadoop_summit_logoHortonworks and Yahoo! are playing host to the 8th Annual Hadoop Summit, the leading conference for the Apache Hadoop community – June 9-11, 2015 in San Jose. This event, expanded now to three days, will feature many of the Apache Hadoop thought leaders who will showcase successful Hadoop use cases, share development and administration tips and tricks, and educate organizations about how best to leverage Apache Hadoop as a key component in their enterprise data architecture. It will also be an excellent networking event for developers, architects, administrators, data analysts, data scientists and vendors interested in advancing, extending or implementing Apache Hadoop.

Can’t make the event? Keynote sessions will be streamed live at 8:45am on June 9, June 10, and June 11

Hadoop Summit North America 2015 will feature three full days of content and 7 tracks dedicated to enabling the next generation data platform. Industry experts, business leaders, architects, data scientists and Hadoop developers will share use cases and success stories, best practices, cautionary tales and technology insights.

Tracks are divided into 7 key topic areas, which will cover:

Committer Track

Come hear about the latest innovation within the Hadoop ecosystem and community from the people architecting and building Hadoop, the committers. This track presents technical deep dive content across a wide range of advanced/basic topics and across any Apache project. Speakers in this track are restricted to committers across all Hadoop-related Apache projects only and all content will be curated by a group of senior committers.

Data Science & Hadoop

Sessions in this track focus on the practice of data science using Hadoop. This includes applications, tools, and algorithms as well as areas of advanced research and emerging applications that use and extend the Hadoop platform for data science. Sessions will cover examples of innovative analytics applications and systems that refine raw data into actionable insight using visualization, statistics and machine learning.

Hadoop Governance, Security & Operations

This track focuses on the key enterprise requirements for governance, security and operations for Hadoop. As Hadoop emerges as a critical foundation of a modern data architecture, the enterprise has placed stringent requirements on it for these key areas. In this track, speakers will present best practices with an emphasis on tips, tricks and war stories. Sessions will cover the full deployment lifecycle, from on-premises to the cloud, including installation, configuration, initial production deployment, recovery, security and data governance for Hadoop.

Hadoop Access Engines: Dev Languages, Scripting, SQL & NoSQL

YARN has transformed Hadoop into a multi-tenant data platform. It is the foundation for a versatile range of processing engines that empower you to interact with the same data in multiple ways, at the same time. This means applications can interact with the data in the most appropriate way: from batch to interactive SQL or low latency access with NoSQL. In this track, speakers will present both foundational and the latest trends for YARN and the key Hadoop, such as Pig, Hive, HBase, Accumulo, Cascading, .net, Spring and others.

Hadoop Access Engines: Hadoop Streaming, Machine Learning and Search

The amount of sensors and connected devices producing data are fueling data growth in
Hadoop. The speed enterprises can react to data is critical to their competitive advantage. Often one of the first tasks in big data projects is finding your data. This track will cover key projects, such as Storm, Kafka, Spark & Solr and discuss their use cases and integration points with Hadoop. Attendees will hear from the technical leads, committers, and expert users who are actively driving the roadmaps and key features around what is coming next for the Storm, Kafka, Spark, Solr and others. Attendees will also learn how to use these technologies to developer IoT solutions.

Applications of Hadoop and the Data Driven Business

Sessions in this track focus on how Hadoop is powering a new generation of business intelligence and analytics solutions across a range of industries. Speakers will discuss tools, techniques, and solutions for deriving business value and competitive advantage from the large volumes of data flowing through today’s enterprise. Case studies and tips for effective exploration of business data with visualization and statistical models will also be covered.

The Future of Apache Hadoop

The next generation of Hadoop is being built today.  This track investigates the key projects, such as YARN, the incubation projects and the industry initiatives driving innovation in and around the Hadoop platform. Attendees will hear from the technical leads, committers, and expert users who are actively driving the roadmaps, key features, and advanced technology research around what is coming next for the Hadoop ecosystem.


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