Hortonworks Announces Data Platform 2.3

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hortonworksHADOOP SUMMIT 2015 NEWS

Hortonworks® (NASDAQ: HDP), a leading contributor to and provider of enterprise Apache™ Hadoop®, today announced Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP™) version 2.3, the 100% open source Apache Hadoop platform. This release focuses on easing enterprise adoption by eliminating administration complexities, improving developer productivity, enhancing security and data governance, and delivering proactive cluster monitoring.

With roughly 40 percent of the Fortune 100 as our customers, Hortonworks remains committed to working within the open source community to accelerate Hadoop both across industries and throughout each organization,” said Tim Hall, vice president, product management, at Hortonworks. “The new capabilities in HDP 2.3 will empower more enterprises to leverage Open Enterprise Hadoop to drive transformational outcomes.”

The core new functionalities of HDP 2.3 include:

Dramatic User Experience Improvements

  • For the Hadoop Administrator
    • Guided configurations make installation and configuration of HDFS, YARN, Hive and HBase easier and more predictable.
    • A customizable operations dashboard allows administrators to focus on the cluster’s key performance indicators.
    • Expanded deployment support for all HDP components including rolling upgrades between feature bearing releases and high availability configuration support via Ambari blueprints.
    • Automated Host Discovery for fast and predictable cluster formation.
    • Introduction of Cloudbreak from the recent SequenceIQ acquisition, automating provisioning of HDP clusters in any cloud environment.
  • For the Hadoop Developer
    • Enriched SQL semantics and new Hive user view in Ambari to write, run and debug queries.
    • Web interface for forms-based creation of Apache Falcon data feeds and pipeline processing.
    • Enhanced Apache Spark on YARN with the new Data Frame API and machine learning algorithms for feature-rich Spark applications, as well as a technology preview of Spark SQL.

Extensive Security and Data Governance Enhancements

  • Data Protection: HDFS transparent data encryption along with an encryption key management store provided by Apache Ranger.
  • Security Administration, Authorization, and Audit: Apache Ranger now manages authorization and audit policies for Apache Kafka, Apache Solr, and multi-tenant YARN queues, and enables custom 3rd-party components to plug into its centralized security architecture.
  • Authentication: Apache Knox now has bi-directional SSL support and LDAP data caching for improved performance and enables custom 3rd-party components to protect their APIs through this gateway.
  • Data Governance: Now shipping Apache Atlas, a new Apache incubator project resulting from the Data Governance Initiative, featuring a scalable metadata service, integration with Hive metastore and SQL metrics, and a user interface for searching metadata and lineage.

Introducing Hortonworks SmartSense, Proactive Monitoring Service for All Hortonworks Subscription Customers

  • Provides proactive insights and recommendations to customers about their cluster utilization and its health.
  • Quickly and easily captures log files and metrics for faster support case resolution.
  • Delivers ongoing recommendations, suggestions and analytics to proactively prevent configuration problems.
  • Optimizes long-range cluster resource utilization and capacity planning.

EMC and Hortonworks have a shared vision of a Business Data Lake which provides the ability to bring together data, analytics and applications to deliver meaningful business outcomes for companies,” said Aidan O’Brien, Senior Director, Big Data Solutions, EMC Corporation. “The new security and data governance capabilities and improved user interface in the latest release of the Hortonworks Data Platform is going to make it easier to achieve these outcomes in a more sustainable and secure way.”

An HDP 2.3 preview is available today for download at Hortonworks.com/hdp, with general availability to customers in the coming weeks. A complete list of HDP features and enhancements can be found at http://hortonworks.com/products/hdp/.


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