Attivio Accelerates BI and Big Data Projects with New Data Source Discovery Software

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AttivioAttivio, the Data Dexterity Company, announced Attivio 5, the next generation of its software platform.  Featuring self-service data discovery acceleration capabilities, this new solution solves a major issue for business intelligence professionals: significantly reducing the tremendous amount of time being spent on data before it can be analyzed.  Attivio expects to dramatically accelerate business intelligence and Big Data projects by reducing the time it typically takes to profile, identify, and unify all relevant data for analysis, from weeks or months to minutes. Thermo Fisher Scientific joins as an anchor client at the launch of Attivio 5, in addition to top tier brands already using the Attivio platform, such as Qualcomm, UBS, GE, Nexen, and National Instruments.

The scale of this business problem is highlighted in a recent report from Forrester Research, which states: “A good rule of thumb in any BI (and actually most ERP, CRM, and other enterprise business software) initiative is to assume that 80% of the effort is going to center around data integration activities.  And anecdotal evidence supports a similar 80% effort within data integration just to identify and profile data sources.”1

Attivio 5 enables data management professionals to automatically produce a comprehensive and enriched index of all information sources and content types residing anywhere in the enterprise ecosystem.  In addition to this profiling capability, Attivio 5 also blends automation with manual intervention to enable data scientists, business analysts, and business intelligence leaders to identify and unify self-selected data tables from the universal index.  By delivering a unique self-service capability, Attivio expects to dramatically reduce the time and effort of BI projects and to significantly speed time to insight.

Attivio 5 is empowering enterprises to gain immediate visibility into all of their information, even their dark data,” said Stephen Baker, chief executive officer of Attivio.  “Enabling IT to automatically profile all information sources – all structured data and unstructured content – means that data scientists and business analysts can adopt a self-service approach to data identification and unification,” continued Baker.  “With Attivio 5, they can spend far less time on manual data integration activities and dramatically accelerate their BI initiatives.”

Attivio 5 brings together traditional enterprise search with BI tools to quickly enable firms to profile and identify all their structured, semi-structured, and unstructured information, empowering users to act with certainty in their data-driven decisions. The new offering is particularly attractive to organizations operating in data intensive industries, including financial services, energy, life sciences, and manufacturing.

Businesses need the ability to quickly retrieve, analyze, and make actionable the data they have amassed in their vast array of IT systems,” said Miroslav Dlouhy, IT director, Thermo Fisher Scientific.  “We see being able to gain customer insights as tremendously valuable, as it accelerates understanding of our customers’ needs, in their quest to make the world healthier, safer, and cleaner.”

1 Forrester Research, “Boost Your Business Insights by Converging Big Data and BI”,” March 25, 2015, page 2.


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