BlueTalon Sets New Bar for Hadoop Security

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BlueTalon-logoHADOOP SUMMIT 2015 NEWS

BlueTalon, provider of unmatched data security solutions for Hadoop, announced availability of the BlueTalon Policy Engine 2.0. The technology ushers in a new era of truly secure Hadoop clusters by solving the single biggest source of data breaches – lack of fine grained data access controls – to make Hadoop security on par with or better than traditional enterprise data warehouse security.

Forty-two percent of all data breaches are traced back to inadequate data access control. Now, for the first time, the BlueTalon Policy Engine empowers enterprises with fine-grained data access control and provisioning to address these specific issues and provide IT with the exact technology required to easily provide access tailored to each individual, group or division in an organization. BlueTalon’s unique capabilities are ideally suited for any organization in which different people or departments have different authorizations to view the same data sets, including almost every global company in a regulated industry, or any multi-tenant environment.

The BlueTalon Policy Engine is currently undergoing carefully curated proof of concept trials at major Fortune 1000 companies including global leaders in financial services, telecommunications, education, cloud services, healthcare and manufacturing. Based on the positive results of these trials, BlueTalon is announcing expanded availability of the BlueTalon Policy Engine to a broader audience.

Hadoop wasn’t designed for sensitive data, so as enterprises move their Hadoop clusters from testing to production they run into the dilemma of how to deliver business value without introducing the risk and liability associated with data breaches,” said Eric Tilenius, CEO of BlueTalon. “BlueTalon’s fine-grained data access policies empower companies to deliver to users the exact data they need to make critical decisions but not a drop more to prevent unauthorized use that could compromise the organization.”

Compared to current coarse-grained data access approaches that either blindly permit full data access or crudely block access entirely, BlueTalon allows for real-time authorization on a row, column and cell level – at run-time for each query. The BlueTalon Policy Engine works to:

  • Safeguard data by managing secure data access across different Hadoop access methods. BlueTalon has been built to consistently apply business policy across multiple Enforcement Points, enabling the Policy Engine to protect a wide range of access methods including Hive, Impala, JDBC, ODBC, and – coming soon – HDFS enforcement for bullet-proof Hadoop cluster protection.
  • Provision data access by enabling role and purpose-based data access policies to be customized and managed from a single, easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  • Enforce data access rules in real-time to ensure operational security as well as regulatory compliance. In addition, BlueTalon is the only Hadoop security and policy enforcement system to provide on-the-fly masking of sensitive data.
  • Audit data access to ensure both compliance and security. BlueTalon provides full visibility of both successful and denied data access, enabling suspicious patterns to be quickly spotted before significant data leakage occurs.

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