Under Cloud Cover – How Leaders Are Accelerating Competitive Differentiation

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ibm-logoOne out of five organizations has discovered a secret source of competitive differentiation. It allows them to serve customers in new ways and reimagine their business models. It can help surface valuable insights from their data and transform how they make decisions. It enables them to tap expertise from across their entire ecosystem. And one more thing: It helps these enterprise Pacesetters grow revenue and gross profit faster than other organizations. What’s their secret? It’s cloud computing – their engine for growth.

With so much of the cloud conversation revolving around technical topics, like “stack wars,” APIs and DevOps, some people might think cloud computing is just an IT obsession. But business leaders disagree.

A new white paper is now available from IBM that highlights a global study of more than 800 cloud decision makers and users, business leaders of all stripes – Finance, Sales & Marketing, Product Development and more – are becoming increasingly focused on the business value cloud provides – “Under Cloud Cover – How Leaders Are Accelerating Competitive Differentiation.”

Download this whitepaper today to learn what’s behind this growing strategic interest in cloud? The following topics are considered in the paper:

  •  About the study
  • Competitive advantage through the cloud
  • What pacesetters do to stand out
  • Strategic reinvention
  • Better decisions
  • Deeper collaboration
  • Cloud at the center
  • Conquering cloud complexity
  • Improving your competitive position

Through the cloud, Pacesetters are 136% more likely than Chasers to reinvent customer relationships.



Download this white paper from the insideBIGDATA White Paper Library.

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