Clusterpoint Launches Cloud-based Database-As-A-Service Offering

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Clusterpoint_logoClusterpoint, a NoSQL database vendor providing Database-As-A-Service (DBAAS), announced that it is launching Clusterpoint 3.0 in North America and opening a new server cluster in Dallas, TX, as the Latvian-based company seeks to expand its innovative technology to developers and small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) in North America, a market that craves instant scalability and massive distributed computing power for their growing database needs but without the hefty price tag.

As world data volumes continue to grow, data management has become absolutely critical. Today businesses and organizations need to process and analyze large amounts of data in real-time to be able to make effective decisions. To address this need, the company created Clusterpoint 3.0, a cloud-based NoSQL database that allows developers to scale instantly regardless of the data volume.

Our mission is to accelerate computing and the database plays a very central role in computing infrastructure today,” says Zigmars Raascevskis, CEO of Clusterpoint. “Developers who are maintaining their own databases today face two major obstacles because of hardware: fixed capacity and speed limitations. This is why we have built a cloud-based database service. In the cloud, the developer’s database request can be distributed among hundreds of servers in parallel, significantly reducing clock time to get a result.”

In addition to delivering instant scalability and massive distributed computing power in the form of a cloud-based database, developers benefit from a truly unique pricing model that is appealing to individual developers and those at SMBs. Clusterpoint 3.0 offers a true pay-per-use model, disrupting the tiered pricing model of today’s traditional DBAAS offerings. No other DBAAS company charges in this manner.

In traditional database pricing models, developers who own or rent hardware must provision a specific number of servers and capacity. This can be difficult because hardware and capacity requirements can change quickly. Furthermore, developers can be penalized for going beyond what they provisioned and possibly suffer from related performance issues. Conversely, developers may be subject to paying for capacity that is never used. With Clusterpoint’s cloud-based database, resources are allocated upon need and accounted per request on millisecond granularity. The resulting cost benefit can be 3X or even 10X, compared traditional pricing models, and absolutely no hardware provisioning is required.

Mailigen, a leading web-based integrated marketing software provider, uses Clusterpoint 3.0 DBAAS to support its customers who needs the ability to power their email marketing campaigns at a moments notice. “We have customers with large and small client databases sending millions of emails per day. They need to know that we can support whatever they may need instantly and without the hefty price tag that comes with maintaining large amounts of data. The instant scalability and massive distributed computing power that the Clusterpoint 3.0 cloud-based database service provides enables us to offer a valuable service to our customers at an attractive price,” said CEO and Founder, Janis Rozenblats, Mailigen.

Dallas Server Cluster

As part of launching Clusterpoint 3.0 in the U.S. market, Clusterpoint is announcing the opening of its first server facility in Dallas, TX. The facility is located strategically in the middle of the country to best serve customers nationwide in North America.

This facility is Clusterpoint’s first major investment in the U.S. and demonstrates its commitment to the marketplace. With this facility, Clusterpoint currently operates two server clusters worldwide. The other facility is located in Europe.


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