Dell Software Announces Updates to Toad Family of Database Solutions

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DellDell Software announced a series of updates to its Toad™ family of database solutions that continues the company’s focus on enabling customers to manage all data across all platforms. Unlike platform-specific approaches that propagate vendor lock-in, Dell’s agnostic approach to data and database management enables customers to manage all of their data, no matter where – or on what platform – it resides. The latest round of updates to the Toad family of solutions enables customers to automate agile development practices, improve data preparation for analytics and reporting, and gain flexibility in selecting database platforms.

As the database market transforms, IT departments across the world now must deal with increasingly complex database environments. A recent Dell Software survey of database management trends affirmed that IT professionals are dealing with more data and more data sources to manage than ever before, driving the need to take on more tasks and learn new database technologies. By providing a platform-agnostic family of database solutions that cuts across both traditional and non-traditional data sources, Dell Software is helping customers manage and gain greater value from all their data.

The Toad family has led the way in the database tools market for the last 15 years, and the investments and innovations we’re making today are aimed at ensuring it continues leading for the next 15,” said Darin Bartik, executive director of Information Management Products, Dell Software. “As an integral part of Dell’s ‘all data’ strategy, the Toad portfolio is evolving beyond its roots as a set of tools for the individual database professional into a portfolio for teams and organizations to manage all data as an asset for their business. Dell continues to add to its leadership in Oracle and other relational platforms, but also supports new platforms such as Hadoop, MongoDB, and SAP HANA, as they are increasingly part of our customers’ complex data challenge. And Dell is also pushing the Toad portfolio past the walls of the database itself to streamline processes for integrating and analyzing data.”

Dell’s Toad Solutions Increase Productivity and Improve Database Performance

With more than 2 million users worldwide, the Toad portfolio is the market’s leading independent database management solution and a critical component of Dell Software’s end-to-end information management offering. Toad solutions help increase database performance, availability and user productivity by automating many of the common administration, development and data preparation challenges associated with managing complex database environments. The latest enhancements to the Toad family enable data professionals to better manage Oracle, SAP, IBM and Hadoop databases, and prepare data from across these and dozens of other platforms for analytics. Specific updates include:

Enhanced agile development. Emphasizing Toad’s evolution from a single-user tool to a solution used across IT teams, Toad for Oracle improves support for development best practices for agile and continuous integration methodologies.

  • The new release of Toad for Oracle helps development and DBA teams work more collaboratively through integration with Toad Intelligence Central, which allows users to more easily share Toad files and attributes such as scripts, connections, automation actions and code analysis rule sets.
  • Management teams now have access to new web-based reporting for code analysis, enabling them to view historical and readiness code reports without additional licenses.
  • Other enhancements to Toad for Oracle include a redesign of the main SQL development area, and a revamped Team Coding area to improve support and management with third-party version control systems.

Improved data preparation. Further extending the Toad family’s capabilities beyond just the database to fuel data integration and analytics efforts, Toad Data Point addresses the growing need for simplified data preparation with new features to ease the processes to transform, cleanse, group, aggregate and share data.

  • Toad Data Point features an upgraded transformation and cleanse engine, which now includes data profiling capabilities, new transformation rules, and a more robust engine for processing larger data sets, allowing users to manipulate and change data more easily. The new release also enhances and simplifies the process of aggregating data, pivoting data, and visually understanding data joins.
  • In addition, Toad Intelligence Central now is integrated with Dell Software’s Boomi integration and Statistica advanced analytics solutions, allowing users to seamlessly integrate, share, prepare and analyze multiple disparate data sets from sources both on- and off-premises. Toad Intelligence Central integrates with Dell’s other data management solutions, as well as tools from third-party visualization vendors such as Qlik, Tableau and Microsoft.

Expanded platform support. Expanding its leadership beyond Oracle and other relational platforms, the Toad family now offers support for SAP HANA, as well as improved capabilities for IBM DB2 and Hadoop. This expanded platform support not only improves overall team member productivity and performance, but also helps reduce the learning curve often experienced when transitioning to a new database management system by enabling users to manage all their databases, including SAP Sybase and SAP HANA, using the familiar Toad family interface and tool set.


  • New releases within the Dell Toad portfolio are available now with pricing starting at $595 per user.
  • Dell’s database management solutions are available both direct and through channel partners.


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