Kyvos Insights Launches Massively Scalable, Self-Service OLAP Solutions for Big Data Analytics

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KyvosInsights-LogoKyvos Insights, a big data analytics company, announced the general availability of its flagship product, Kyvos. A comprehensive online analytical processing (OLAP) solution for Hadoop, the product is specifically designed for big data needs. Delivering unmatched scalability, Kyvos enables business users to easily and quickly derive powerful insights from their data for more informed decision-making, with no programming required.

Overall, Kyvos helps enterprises remove the complexities of Hadoop and deal with data at any scale and granularity with instantaneous response times and an interactive experience. Its “cubes on Hadoop” technology revolutionizes the big data analytics space because, unlike any other product on the market today, it allows business users to visualize, explore and analyze big data interactively, working directly on Hadoop.

There are many diverse tools for big data analytics available today, yet few tools support OLAP-based dimensional analytics, big data and Hadoop – all at the same time,” said Philip Russom, research director at The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI). “This is an important combination, because many technical and business users want to develop multi-dimensional data models from big data, and work with those models interactively and cost-effectively in Hadoop, using familiar slice-and-dice methods. Kyvos is unique, in that it addresses this combination of real-world needs, by bringing mature and revered OLAP technologies to the analytic ecosystem of Hadoop, thereby enabling dimensional analytics on big data at massive scale and high performance.”

Kyvos enables businesses to convert raw data into insights, leading to more meaningful customer understanding, targeted marketing, efficient operations and increased profitability. Kyvos also supports all major Hadoop distributions including Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR, giving enterprise customers the flexibility to use Kyvos, independent of their Hadoop vendor.

Companies are collecting unprecedented amounts of data, but it’s very difficult for a business user to directly access and interact with this data in a meaningful way,” said Ajay Anand, vice president of products at Kyvos Insights. “Kyvos addresses this need by enabling interactive analytics on big data using Hadoop at any scale, with instant response times. Business users can now visually analyze their data and get insights instantly, without having to wait, so they can make smarter, more informed decisions.”

Business user benefits include the ability to:

  • Develop insights from all data, both structured and unstructured, regardless of size and granularity with a simple, drag and drop interface.
  • Empower users to do self-service analytics.
  • Work visually, with no programming required, using Kyvos, Microsoft Excel or other visualization tools such as Tableau.
  • Drill down and examine all aspects of data.
  • Interact with data without waiting for reports.
  • Get query results in just seconds.

In addition, Kyvos has many benefits for developers, including the ability to:

  • Build cubes directly on Hadoop at any scale for multi-dimensional analytics.
  • Deal with rapid data ingestion with incremental cube builds.
  • Avoid moving data to a separate data mart for analysis.
  • Transform data visually with no programming required.

Entravision Communications Corporation – a diversified media company serving Latino audiences and communities with an integrated platform of solutions and services that includes television, radio, digital media and data analytics to reach Latino audiences across the United States and Latin America – is currently using Kyvos to help fuel their analytics’ business growth.

Existing Hispanic-based insights primarily relied on either sampled data or syndicated insights solutions. We were looking to gain much deeper empirical insights than traditional models. We needed a multi-dimensional big data analytics solution that would allow us to unite disparate data sources, offer complete ad-hoc visualization, and quickly query on multiple dimensions using interactive dashboards to compare results,” said Franklin Rios, executive vice president of digital for Entravision Communications Corporation. “Kyvos delivers on all of these needs with the true value relying on its ability to help us uncover and understand the unknowns, which in turn helps us better market to our client base and ultimately, to meet our growth goals.”


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