NextUser Taps IBM Watson to Improve Marketing Strategies and Personalize User Experiences

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NextUser_logoNextUser, an open marketing automation and analytics platform, announced it is leveraging IBM Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities to help companies provide personalized digital marketing strategies. The NextUser software solution, powered by Watson, will give marketers the ability to better personalize communication to individual users via websites, emails, ads, social media and mobile devices.

Applying IBM Watson to commerce represents a new opportunity for subscription and content websites to offer more personalized user experiences, which ultimately drives more business,” said Matthieu Dejardins, CEO of NextUser. “IBM’s strength in natural language processing and Watson’s unrivaled cognitive computing technologies will help our business analyze and make sense of unstructured data to meet the increasingly sophisticated marketing needs of consumer websites. We believe that building knowledge about individual user preferences at scale will help revolutionize online consumer marketing.”, an ecommerce book seller, is working with NextUser to help users explore the writing style and specific traits of their top authors in order to discover new books and interests.

Our mission at Alibris is for our users to find that perfect book they can’t put down. We have millions of books, which makes the discovery process one of the most important, but also intriguing, challenges we face as a company,” said Ben Bartels, eCommerce director at “With NextUser, powered by IBM Watson, Alibris can now offer some of the best — and most unique suggestions that will enhance our customers’ reading experience based on their favorite authors’ style of writing. The technology behind this is incredibly exciting, and you’ll see us continue to evolve this experience.”

NextUser is an open platform that bridges the gap between analytics, discovery analytics, and marketing automation to enable user personalization that increases engagement, conversion and lifetime customer value. The platform utilizes the patent pending NextUser Decision Engine to integrate data and trigger interactions from channels including email, website, CRM and social media, and processes user activity with history, device, location, campaign, demographic and geographic data — helping to ensure marketers are reaching consumers when and where they’re most receptive to outreach.

By embedding Watson services and APIs from the Watson Developer Cloud, NextUser is strengthening the capabilities of its Decision Engine by adding natural language processing technology and deeper analysis in order to produce results with both cognitive and social characteristics, harnessing linguistic analytics to understand personality, writing style and social characteristics from text.

NextUser is gaining traction from consumer brands, political campaigns, advertisers, and other organizations that understand they must move beyond pure marketing automation to focus on user centricity.

IBM Watson continues to foster a growing ecosystem of developers, students, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts worldwide by placing the power of cognitive computing in their hands via more than 20 Watson services available on the Watson Developer Cloud, allowing them to discover, explore and create an entirely new class of apps and businesses fueled by Watson. The community is already generating up to 3 billion monthly API requests, demonstrating the growing interest and adoption of this open platform. Across industries and specialties, IBM and its more than 280 commercial partners, along with tens of thousands of tech enthusiasts, are working together to make cognitive computing systems the new computing standard.


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