Zoomdata Launches Early Access Program for Visual Analysis and Fusion of Big Data

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Zoomdata_logoZoomdata, developers of the visual analytics solution for big data, announced the Zoomdata Early Access Program to give customers, prospects and developers hands-on experience working with cutting-edge technologies from Zoomdata Labs and leverage the rapid innovation cycles of new big data frameworks like Apache Spark.

Zoomdata has revolutionized the performance of visual analytics on big data by leveraging Spark to provide real-time analytics across multiple modern datastores. Zoomdata is a visual analytics solution for big data that gives customers the ability to join real-time and historical data stores and deliver sub-second results. Zoomdata’s leadership in innovation around Spark was a highlight of the IBM streaming analytics demonstration at the recent Spark Summit in San Francisco and Zoomdata was the first big data analytics solution made available on DataBrick’s new Spark cloud.

Zoomdata uses Apache Spark and Spark DataFrame technology for all post-query data calculation, aggregation, pivoting, filtering and result-set caching for speed and performance,” said Matt Aslett, research director, data platforms and analytics, at 451 Research. “Data from flat files and databases can also be stored as Spark DataFrames to further improve query performance when Zoomdata is not running locally on a supported data source like HDFS or Impala or MongoDB. Now Zoomdata Fusion is leveraging Spark to provide the ability for Zoomdata users to query multiple data stores – both real-time and historical – simultaneously and combine the results in Spark for analysis.”

The Early Access Program immediately gives customers access to three new powerful capabilities at Zoomdata Labs:

  1. Zoomdata Fusion. The power of fusion comes from its unique ability to make multiple data sources appear as one source without moving data. Further, a business user can define the fused data source without waiting for a data architect to define it ahead of time. Fusion works through a simple drag and drop user interface that is easy enough for a business user, yet under the covers uses the power and scalability of Spark to combine datasets in ways never possible before. Now users can enrich big data with lookup information from relational or flat file sources; combine metrics from big data sources with metrics from data warehouse or other sources; and correlate real-time data feeds with historical data.
  2. Native Apache Hbase support. Leveraging the proven stability and powerful features of Apache Phoenix, users can now natively access big data in Hbase as easily as accessing any other data source supported by Zoomdata (see 3 below).
  3. New Smart Connectors to the industry’s most popular enterprise SaaS services. Zoomdata’s addition of Smart Connectors for Google Analytics, Marketo, Salesforce.com, Sendgrid, Zendesk and more make it easier than ever for enterprises to combine on-premise and cloud data for fused analytics insights. Zoomdata’s solution already includes connectors for flat files and S3 as well as relational databases (Oracle Database and MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL); emerging data platforms (Apache Hadoop, Cloudera Impala, Spark and Spark SQL), AWS Redshift and MongoDB; search (Apache Solr, Elasticsearch and Cloudera Search); and streaming data (Twitter and AWS Kinesis).

In the old world, the idea of data fusion only worked when enterprises batched and transformed their data from multiple sources into a common repository that was structured in a very specific way like OLAP or relational,” said Justin Langseth, CEO of Zoomdata. “With our early access program, we’re giving customers access to breathtaking new ways to perform big data fusion capabilities in the blink of an eye leveraging the latest technologies. We wanted to shift the focus from data to analytics in real-time. Enterprises need to correlate their information and act now, no matter the source.”

Epsilon, the global leader in turning data-driven marketing into lasting relationships, wanted to upgrade its data analytics architecture and migrate from Netezza to Cloudera and discovered the power and flexibility of Zoomdata through an initial free trial download.

Drive Zoomdata at no charge

  • To give Zoomdata Early Access Program a free test drive in your own organization, please visit HERE.
  • To test drive the production release of Zoomdata at no charge, please visit our partner Cloudera’s portal on Amazon AWS and take advantage of their Cloudera Live for AWS offering HERE.


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