RedPoint Global Announces Support for Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse & Microsoft Azure Data Lake Service

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RedPoint_logoRedPoint Global, a leading provider of data management and customer engagement software, announced its collaboration with Microsoft integrating two of its applications – RedPoint Interaction™ and RedPoint Data Management™ – into the Azure SQL Data Warehouse, a new enterprise-class elastic data warehouse-as-a-service.

The move brings Big Data marketing and hybrid data management to the cloud. RedPoint Interaction customers will now have cost-effective access to petabytes of structured and unstructured data to build dynamic customer profiles, gain valuable insights and realize unparalleled precision and personalization in their marketing and customer engagement efforts. RedPoint Data Management users will be able to scale the volume, variety and velocity of their data to realize higher performance analytics for their businesses.

RedPoint Global delivers solutions that are consistently innovative, comprehensive and easy to use. The company has been recognized by top analysts as a leader in delivering data-driven cross-channel campaign management solutions as well as top-rated ETL/ELT data quality and data integration applications.

The integration with Microsoft’s Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Data Lake service magnifies the power of RedPoint’s solutions. It brings an incrementally expansive data source together with familiar SQL-based programming and puts it in the hands of RedPoint users – marketers, business analysts, data scientists, data modelers and others – who can derive great benefit from a cloud-based solution,” commented Dale Renner, CEO of RedPoint Global. “RedPoint continues to offer its customers an increasing number of options for easily creating the highest quality enterprise data and then effectively utilizing that data to drive superior business results.”

RedPoint customers can now take advantage of the Azure SQL Data Warehouse to use all their data and improve the quality of their data insights, customer engagement and business decisions. The integration enables RedPoint Interaction users to maximize the value of all their structured or unstructured data in the cloud to better deliver the hyper-personalized and contextual interactions needed to engage today’s omni-channel customer.

Microsoft is continuing to make it easier for customers to maximize their data dividends,” said Tiffany Wissner, senior director of data platform marketing at Microsoft. “We’re excited to collaborate with RedPoint to offer their customers an enterprise-class cloud data warehouse that can dynamically grow or shrink in seconds. Users will benefit from the flexibility to use and pay for the query performance they need, when they need it.”

Support for the Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Azure Data Lake service enables RedPoint Data Management users to have access to the product that leading analysts rate at the top of the market for data quality capabilities. It enables users to easily perform structured and unstructured data management activities in the cloud without the expense and complication of building custom code using MapReduce. This combination makes ETL/ELT, data quality, data integration and master key management easily available at whatever scale the user needs, at the most powerful performance levels and at the lowest cost.


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