Microsoft Bing Chooses Interana For Behavioral Analytics at Massive Scale

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Interana_Logo_featureInterana, the behavioral analytics solution for event data, announced that Microsoft has selected the company to analyze the massive volumes of clickstream event data generated daily on Bing, the second-largest U.S. search engine. Bing is constantly improving the search engine and validating the improvements with analytics on usage and behavior. While the team could innovate rapidly based on the data, Bing looked for a data insights solution that could deliver the scalability and performance it needed while also reducing the complexity of writing custom scripts and queries. Interana’s unmatched scalability and performance will enable Bing to interactively analyze the growing amounts of event data generated by searches to better understand users’ preferences and accelerate its speed of innovation.

Interana and Microsoft share a common vision of innovation. During the proof of concept, Interana met the challenge of delivering the insights we needed from our massive volumes of event data,” said Craig Miller, group engineering manager for Bing Experiences. “Interana’s scale is impressive. It took only minutes to get answers to questions, opening new possibilities as to what we can do with analytics at interactive speeds. We look forward to continuing to work with the team.”

Initially, the Bing team will use Interana to analyze experiments at interactive speeds for use cases such as A/B testing, trend analysis, automated reporting, ad hoc exploration and discovery, and knowledge sharing. Interana’s behavior-based tools such as cohorts, funnels, metrics and sessions, will allow Bing to quickly iterate through a variety of testing, optimize its search engine, and measure how new and current features perform with users. Bing will also enable new data producers and consumers by allowing non-technical team members to access their data via Interana’s end-to-end self-service experience.

Bing and Interana illustrate how a business can draw actionable insights quickly from massive amounts of data,” said Ann Johnson, co-founder and CEO, Interana. “Interana helps organizations like Bing better understand their customers and business. We do this with a solution that’s sophisticated enough to provide insights for seasoned data scientists and simple enough to produce value for business users.”

Bing exemplifies the broad need to adopt a behavioral analytics solution for event data at massive scale. Without the ability to rapidly gather insights from the surging amounts of event data being generated today, companies are left guessing as to how their products and services are being used. Behavioral analytics on event data at scale is the key to unlocking this information, which helps companies build the right strategies for acquiring new customers, deepen customer engagement and maximizing retention.


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