Enterprise Archiving with Apache Hadoop

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Solix_logoThe landscape of enterprise data is changing with the advent of enterprise social data, Internet of Things (IoT), log and click streams. The reason this is called big data is because this exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems. The data is too big, moves too fast, of doesn’t fit the strictures of your current database architectures. To gain value from this data, you need new infrastructure to manage it, and that is Apache Hadoop.

Big data technologies are being marketed to CIOs as a platform for BI and analytics. However, that is only part of the big data potential. With Solix Big Data Suite, CIOs can harness Apache Hadoop by using it for application archiving in additional to BI and analytics.

A valuable new 27 page white paper is now available from Solix, a company that  leverages the Apache Hadoop big data platform to provide low cost, bulk data storage for Enterprise Archiving – “Enterprise Archiving with Apache Hadoop.”


Download this whitepaper today to learn what’s behind this growing strategic interest in enterprise archiving? The following topics are considered in the paper:

  • Executive summary
  • Best practices for application archiving
  • Why Apache Hadoop?
  • Solix Big Data suite
  • Conclusion
  • Infographic: Solving the data growth crisis with Apache Hadoop
  • Magic quadrant for structured data archiving and application retirement

We know the value of data declines with age because it becomes less active. Enterprise data must be managed so inactive data doesn’t clog the infrastructure and impact critical processing.”

Download this white paper from the insideBIGDATA White Paper Library.

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