HP Vertica “Excavator” Designed to Power Next-Generation of Analytical Applications

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HP_Vertica_LogoHP announced the release of a new version of HP Vertica, codenamed “Excavator,” enhancing its open and scalable Haven Big Data Platform. This latest version of HP Vertica enables organizations to quickly ingest and analyze high-speed streaming data, from various sources, including Internet of Things applications, and provides enhanced SQL analytics and performance to Hadoop.

Organizations today struggle with their ability to consume, derive insight from, and act on the increasing volume of data generated from millions of connected devices and emerging applications. Integrated with Apache Kafka, a distributed messaging system for data streaming, HP Excavator will allow organizations to analyze these volumes of data in real-time. In addition, organizations will now be able to simplify and automate data load-and-query functionality, enabling them to empower any application with real-time analytics.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, decision-makers increasingly need data in real time. This data enables them to extract strategic opportunities and eliminate blind spots,” said Shilpa Lawande, Vice President and General Manager HP Big Data Platform Software. “This latest release of HP Vertica embraces and extends open source technologies, such as Hadoop, while simplifying and accelerating data steaming ingestion, enabling organizations to harness 100% of their data to improve business outcomes.”

Furthering its commitment to open source, HP has enhanced its support for Hadoop by working collaboratively with Hortonworks to develop a new high-performance access layer that enables SQL queries to run directly on ORCFiles. With this new capability, organizations can now experience up to 10x performance improvements, in a diverse set of use cases, over traditional Hadoop-based solutions.

HP Excavator also enables organizations to apply the most advanced analytics with enhanced security and enterprise-class performance and reliability. Additional HP Excavator features include:

  • Machine Data Log Text Search – Enables organizations to collect and index large log file data sets that are generated by networked systems such as IT, utility infrastructure, and others, helping IT organizations to quickly identify and predict application failures and cyber-attacks, and investigate unauthorized access.
  • HP Vertica Flex Table Library – HP has open sourced its innovative Flex Table “schema on-need” technology to the global developer community. With this innovative approach, organizations will now be able to fully harness virtually any form of semi-structured of data to meet their unique needs.
  • Enhanced SQL analytic functions – HP Excavator offers advancements in the growing library of built-in analytical functions ranging from ROLAP to geospatial to sentiment for deriving insight from varying forms of data.
  • Improved manageability – The release also provides administrators with greater flexibility in managing precious computing resources to run analytics at scale, anticipate and minimize system issues with dynamic alerts, and backup and restore at a more granular level.
  • Enhanced security – With more advanced synchronization with LDAP, this release automates the maintenance of users and user groups, while also enabling role-based access capabilities.
  • Enhanced third-party cloud interoperability – An enhancement to Vertica OnDemand, HP’s enterprise-class data warehouse as a service, is a new wizard-based capability that simplifies the loading of data from Amazon S3 into HP Vertica OnDemand.

For more information on HP Vertica Excavator, please visit www.hp.com/go/excavator.

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