Data Science 101: Using the RForcecom R Package for Salesforce

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RForcecom is a very useful R package that provides the connection to and from R. Using the package means you can treat the widely popular cloud-based CRM tool as a data source. In the short instructional video below, you’ll learn how to set up RForcecom, read an opportunity list from Salesforce and utilize a decision tree machine learning algorithm. Of course this demo is just the tip of the iceberg since using Salesforce as a data source leaves open many possibilities for the data scientist.

You can download and install RForcecom by visiting HERE.


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  1. Souvik Maiti says

    I am looking for the option to expose the R graphical analysis (clustering or Time series etc.) over the Salesforce dashboard. Please share some videos or reference for this. Eagerly looking for this.

  2. Milan Rameshbhai Savani says

    I am getting error in connecting salesforce with R studio. I got sessionID = null, instanceURL=null, apiVersion=50.0.