FocusMotion Launches Fitness SDK – Machine Learning for Human Movement

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FocusMotion, a technology leader in making it easy for developers to automatically track, identify, and count human movements with wearable device, has announced it is making its machine learning-based SDK for wearable fitness tracking public for download. The company’s hardware and OS agnostic SDK unlocks new consumer insights and behaviors. FocusMotion does all of the complex signal processing, algorithm, and device integration work so developers can focus on making engaging applications. FocusMotion technology is like Apple’s Siri for human movement.

The SDK includes:

  • Quant tool that can count reps for more than 50 exercises
  • Radar tool that automatically counts and recognizes more than 20 distinct exercises
  • Consistency and Tempo tool that lets developers record “perfect rep” profiles for user assessment
  • Machine learning tool called Robo that lets users create and add new movements in seconds
  • A device abstraction layer for easy pairing with any supported device
  • Easy biometric tracking for each device if you’d like to understand heart rate or more with your data.

The company plans to add and update their catalog of human movements from here forward as well as introducing some new tools for new activities coming soon. The SDK works on both iOS and on Android, with support for AndroidWear devices, the Microsoft Band, the Pebble Time and the Pebble Classic with more devices coming soon.

With the new FocusMotion SDK, wearables just became smarter. The company is excited to see what brilliant applications developers will come up with. For more information, visit FocusMotion’s SDK site at


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