Video: Barry Bolding from Cray Presents: HPC + D + A = HPDA?

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In this video from the 2015 HPC User Forum in Broomfield, Barry Bolding from Cray presents: HPC + D + A = HPDA?

The flexible, multi-use Cray Urika-XA extreme analytics platform addresses perhaps the most critical obstacle in data analytics today — limitation. Analytics problems are getting more varied and complex but the available solution technologies have significant constraints. Traditional analytics appliances lock you into a single approach and building a custom solution in-house is so difficult and time consuming that the business value derived from analytics fails to materialize. In contrast, the Urika-XA platform is open, high performing and cost effective, serving a wide range of analytics tools with varying computing demands in a single environment. Pre-integrated with the Hadoop and Spark frameworks, the Urika-XA system combines the benefits of a turnkey analytics appliance with a flexible, open platform that you can modify for future analytics workloads. This single-platform consolidation of workloads reduces your analytics footprint and total cost of ownership.

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