Advanced Crime Analytics Used to Fight Nationwide Crime Ring

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The video presentation below highlights how law enforcement is using the Advanced Crime Analytics software solution to fight a major U.S. gang – the Felony Lane Gang (FLG). The Felony Lane Gang is an organized crime group, it originated in South Florida and the group travels around the country recruiting local people to help them break in cars, target homes and steal identity documents, credit cards, checks so they can perpetrate crimes. To date, the Gang has defrauded individuals, banks, insurance companies, and rental car operations out of hundreds of millions of dollars, with some members making about $30,000/week per jurisdiction before they move to the next one.

Louis F. Grever from Wynyard Group talks about the Advanced Crime Analytics software. Prior to joining Wynyard, Grever was an agent with the FBI for 24 years and served with the Science and Technology Branch.


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