Mitigating IT Risk for Financial Risk Analytics

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FinancialRiskActive risk management requires state-of-art high-performance and agile risk systems that are capable of analyzing data from multiple sources, and delivering timely results and insights. The data, models, analytics and IT systems need to be tightly coupled in order to deliver such intelligence ―”real time.” The entire system, end-to-end, must be tuned and optimized to support the workloads characteristic of active risk management.

Most firms lack the time, money and/or expertise to build an active risk management system from scratch. Instead, many firms are now choosing to buy integrated solutions optimized to support active risk management across the enterprise. These solutions offer the potential of accelerating risk analytics and time-to-value while lowering TCO and IT risks.

Firms considering deploying an integrated solution for risk analytics should seriously consider the IBM Application Ready Solution for Algorithmics for the following reasons:

  • Over 300 firms in over 30 countries, including 70 of the world’s top banks use Algorithmics
  • Many firms already benefit by accelerating risk analytics to get timely insights using one or more of the included IBM infrastructure solution components – System x servers, IBM Elastic Storage and Platform Symphony
  • IBM provides a validated reference architecture that improves time-to-value while mitigating IT deployment and manageability risks and lowering TCO, all with commercial solution-level support.

IBM has written a new 10 page report “Mitigating IT Risk for Financial Risk Analytics” to further explore risk analytics.

Architecture of IBM Application Ready Solution for Algorithmics (source: IBM)

Architecture of IBM Application Ready Solution for Algorithmics

Download this report today to learn what’s driving the interest in risk analytics. The following topics are considered in the report:

  • Executive summary
  • Managing Enterprise Risk End-to-End is Crucial
  • Standardized Simulation-based Methods Quantify Risk Better
  • IBM Algorithmics’ Integrated Risk Management Solution Suite
  • Why MtF Requires High-Performance Infrastructure?
  • Flexible, Agile, High Performance Infrastructure More Crucial Now
  • IBM Technical Computing Solutions for Risk Analytics
  • Case Studies: Agile High-Performance Scalable Risk Analytics
  • The IBM Application Ready Solution for Algorithmics
  • Conclusions

Download this white paper from the insideBIGDATA White Paper Library.

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