IBM Storage with OpenStack Brings Simplicity and Robustness to Cloud

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data center cloudWithout storage, we would have no digital data. From being very much—and so-named at the time—a peripheral to early batch-based and CPU-focused IT effort, storage is now front and center in contemporary IT. This is partly because of the vast amount of data that businesses use and store these days; but it is also because the modern, virtualized, rapidly flexible, real-time world makes tremendous demands upon—and for—a malleable, affordable, and highly competent storage infrastructure. Nowhere is this truer than in the various cloud implementations—be they public, private, or (increasingly) hybrid. The pressures on storage are intense, so it makes sense to have access to and integration with the most sophisticated and capable storage systems in order to optimize cloud experiences in terms of functional and financial advantages.

IBM has written a new 8 page white paper “IBM Storage with OpenStack Brings Simplicity and Robustness to Cloud” to review the increasingly popular OpenStack cloud platform and the abilities that IBM storage solutions provide to enable and enhance OpenStack deployments. It also includes useful to reminder of the “whys and wherefores” of cloud computing.


Download this white paper today to see how IBM is demonstrating itself to be a committed member of the developing OpenStack world. The following topics are considered in the paper:

  • Introduction
  •    Nothing Happens in IT without Storage
  •    Cloud Development
  •    Open or Proprietary
  • OpenStack, IBM, and Storage
  •    IBM’s Commitment to OpenStack
  •    OpenStack and the IBM Storage Portfolio
  • The Bigger Truth

Download this white paper from the insideBIGDATA White Paper Library.



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