ScyllaDB Releases 10X Faster NoSQL Data Store with Apache Cassandra Compatibility

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Scylla DB logoScyllaDB is releasing a new NoSQL data store that delivers 10x the performance of Apache® Cassandra, with full compatibility with the CQL query language.

ScyllaDB is a written-from-scratch implementation of the server side APIs of Apache Cassandra project. The new data store is based on a framework called Seastar, which uses a shared-nothing design on a core granularity that eliminates costly locking between CPUs and thus achieves linear scale up. ScyllaDB bypasses the Linux kernel by using new dedicated user-space TCP, its own disk cache and unique  memory management. These radical changes in the server design translate into a 10x performance gain, consistent tail latency and easier management.

Big Data users can finally enjoy a feature-rich column store without compromising performance or cost” said ScyllaDB CEO Dor Laor. “Scylla relieves users of running caches in front of their data stores, and of growing their NoSQL clusters to ridiculous sizes”

The ScyllaDB beta product is now released as open source, and allows simple drop-in replacement for existing Cassandra installations.


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