VoltDB Introduces Fast Data Platform to Combine Streaming Analytics with Transactions for Mission-critical Applications

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VoltDB LogoThe rapid growth of mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to drive the need for real-time data analysis, intensifying demand for faster insight and action in the enterprise. In response to this demand, VoltDB announced Version 5.6 of its SQL in-memory operational database, a fast data platform that combines streaming analytics with transactions to support mission-critical, real-time applications. With updated support for the import and export of data streams and Active/Active database replication, VoltDB is removing the complexity of building mission-critical fast data pipelines, accelerating development cycles and the time to business impact.

The VoltDB next-generation, high-performance data management platform is built from the ground up on an in-memory, scale-out, cloud-friendly database with familiar SQL, high availability and consistency. VoltDB v5.6 is the industry’s most powerful data platform for developing and managing enterprise-grade fast data applications. New features such as Active/Active replication for distributed workloads and fast import of multiple streams via an advanced Kafka importer are core to VoltDB’s unique streaming analytics with transactions capability, supporting real-time applications built on live data streams.

VoltDB continually innovates on its core high-performance, in-memory database in ways that support Openet’s business goals,” said Michael O’Sullivan, global vice president, engineering, Openet. “Its new low-latency, highly efficient Active/Active database replication offering provides a key capability needed for high-availability geo-distributed telco applications. VoltDB delivers real-time analytics and high-velocity transactional processing in one easy-to-use platform, enabling us to reduce server and memory requirements, meet tough SLAs and deliver greater ARPU to Openet’s tier-one global customers.”

The value of fast data generated by mobile devices, sensor networks, social media and connected devices exists in the moment. Organizations now require real-time data analysis, intelligence and action. To achieve this, developers are looking to move beyond the complexity, technical risks and resource commitments of the “DIY” approach to building a distributed data infrastructure from a collection of open source and other components. Leading enterprises are turning to VoltDB’s purpose-built database platform to build high-speed fast data pipeline applications that deliver the performance, scale and capability to analyze and make decisions on streaming data in real time.

Global organizations are using revolutionary approaches to leverage fast data to automate better operational decisions, enable micro-personalized customer experiences in real-time and enhance the performance of mission-critical applications, ” said Bruce Reading, president and CEO of VoltDB. “VoltDB is the industry’s only database platform to take the complexity out of building fast data applications, enabling enterprises to more quickly monetize the value of their real-time data streams. By unifying continuous streaming analytics with transactions and adding the power of Active/Active replication, VoltDB is accelerating the business impact of fast data applications for every organization.”

VoltDB Version 5.6: New Features and Enhancements:

Simpler, faster connections to fast data pipelines and infrastructure

  • Support for import and export of multiple data streams—Without writing a line of code, application developers can import multiple data streams from Kafka to different tables or stored procedures. Different Kafka topics can be imported from a single set of brokers, or from different brokers, to separate tables. Data can be exported to multiple targets, including Kafka and Hadoop, simultaneously.
  • Support for fast, synchronized export—VoltDB’s Kafka export connector now supports the latest Kafka release (v0.8.2) and synchronized export.
  • Support for Elasticsearch – export VoltDB data to Elasticsearch servers or clusters to perform full-text searches using the popular text search engine.

Database replication improves uptime for mission critical applications

  • Active/Active database replication—VoltDB now supports replication of distributed workloads, including geographically-distributed workloads. Scalable, with no single point of failure, and supporting binary log-based disaster recovery (DR), VoltDB Active/Active replication enables disparate clusters to serve write transactions with changes replicated to another cluster.
  • Data compression—data is compressed to make WAN transfers faster and more efficient.
  • Physical server “rack-aware” partitioning—customers can now partition database replicas with rack-awareness to prevent having replicas on the same physical rack, improving availability in the event of a rack, chassis or power failure.


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