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Video: Challenging Analytics Architectures from HP

Joseph George, Director, HP Apollo Servers, HPC & Big Data Solutions

Joseph George, Director, HP Apollo Servers, HPC & Big Data Solutions

In this video from the Disruptive Technologies session at the 2015 HPC User Forum, Joseph George from HP presents: Challenging Analytics Architectures.

“This paper describes the HP Big Data Reference Architecture (BDRA) solution and outlines how a modern architectural approach to Hadoop provides the basis for consolidating multiple big data projects while, at the same time, enhancing price/performance, density, and agility. HP BDRA is a modern, flexible architecture for the deployment of big data solutions; it is designed to improve access to big data, rapidly deploy big data solutions, and provide the flexibility needed to optimize the infrastructure in response to the ever-changing requirements in a Hadoop ecosystem. This reference architecture challenges the conventional wisdom used in current big data solutions, where compute resources are typically co-located with storage resources on a single server node. Hosting big data on a single node can be an issue if a server goes down and the time to redistribute all data to the other nodes could be significant. Instead, HP BDRA utilizes a much more flexible approach that leverages an asymmetric cluster featuring de-coupled tiers of workloadoptimized compute and storage nodes in conjunction with modern networking. The result is a big data platform that makes it easier to deploy, use, and scale data management applications.”

Download the Slides (PDF) * See more talks from the HPC User Forum

In related news, the HPC User Forum has posted their Agendas for upcoming meetings in Europe:

  • GENCI will host the HPC User Forum in Paris Oct. 12-13. The agenda includes speakers from Airbus, GENCI, Renault, and NASA. The meeting is free to attend. Register now.
  • LRZ will host the HPC User Forum in Munich Oct 15-16. The agenda includes speakers from LRZ, CSCS, DKRZ, Paypal, and the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing. The meeting is free to attend. Register now.

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