Treasure Data Breaks Down Data Analytics Complexity

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TreasureData_logoTreasure Data, a leader in analytics for large-scale event data, unveiled a new set of enterprise-level integrations with Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and Marketo, along with new features to simplify event data analytics management.

Business data is spread across numerous storage silos and business applications and is only valuable if teams have immediate access to the information and answers they need,” said Hiro Yoshikawa, CEO and co-founder at Treasure Data. “Our team is committed to simplifying this process and delivering a high-value analytics toolbox to empower customers to make smart business decisions based on their data.”

Increasing Data Accessibility with Enterprise Applications

Treasure Data delivers and accelerates access to large-scale data sets across mobile and business applications, the Web and Internet of Things (IoT). As part of its focus, the company has rolled out new integrations with Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, Salesforce and Marketo to unlock customer and business data and remove the data silos typically formed within these platforms.

It’s essential to seamlessly connect with the business applications and foundational solutions, such as Marketo and Salesforce, so that our customers can grow their businesses faster,” said Kazuki Ota, CTO and co-founder at Treasure Data. “Amazon Web Services (AWS), for example, is the backbone of many organizations, and our new integrations with Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift create solid pipelines to collect and combine structured and less structured data for quick analysis and to make smart, data-informed business decisions.”

The company has also announced its fully managed, PostgreSQL-based data-mart-as-a-service Data Tanks. This new offering significantly expands Treasure Data’s direct connectivity with industry-standard business intelligence (BI) tools that any company may use for its business processes. Data Tanks extends the platform’s core value proposition to collect event streams and raw data snapshots, merge and share insights, and get the answers customers need, when they need them.

Seamless Organization and Management of Dispersed Data Sets

Treasure Data’s customers ask 1.9 million questions on the platform every month and many of them are related to one another. In order to simplify the process of asking related questions and a series of questions, Treasure Data will also begin to roll out its workflow management offering to allow business analysts and data scientists to ask more powerful questions against event data from the comfort of the company’s intuitive, clean interface, which will be updated with enhanced performance, user experience and collaboration features.


The new integrations with Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, and Marketo are now generally available. The new workflow management offering and the new versions of the Web Console and API will be generally available by Q1 2016.


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