EverString Extends AI-Powered Solution for Predictive Marketing

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Everstring_logoEverString, a leading provider of predictive analytics for sales and marketing, announced the release of EverString Predictive Ad Targeting, an ad targeting solution that is both account-based and fully integrated with predictive scoring and demand generation in a unified platform. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to power audience selection, EverString transforms the ease and accuracy of targeting the right prospects at the right time to maximize impressions and conversions. The EverString Decision Platform gives marketers the competitive advantage of predictive marketing across the entire customer journey, from identifying prospects to converting leads into paying customers.

While many martech products focus only on siloed segments of customer interaction, resulting in disjointed marketing operations and inconsistent engagement with customers, EverString provides a comprehensive, data-driven decision platform that enables marketers to extract the value of big data technologies without the complexity in order to engage with the highest-potential buyers at every point in the sales funnel. Delivered as a SaaS intelligence layer, the EverString Decision Platform collects customer data based on over 20,000 buyer signals, then leverages data science and artificial intelligence to define each company’s ideal customer profile. This audience selection capability is then integrated into each stage of the sales process to deliver Predictive Demand Generation, Predictive Lead Scoring and now, Predictive Ad Targeting.

The power of Hadoop and data science in the hands of any B2B marketer, in minutes

While some companies struggle to stand up and manage their own Hadoop instances and have yet to convert big data into value for their business units, EverString provides the value of big data and data science as a service so organizations can realize its value in a matter of minutes without hassle. Built on Hadoop and other advanced big data technologies, EverString abstracts away all of the complexity so that any company can experience the outsized benefits of data science as applied to their marketing and sales efforts.

Delivering full-funnel predictive capabilities to the complete marketing stack, technology features and benefits include:

  • Accelerated Time to Value: Delivered as a SaaS product, EverString applies artificial intelligence to identify high potential accounts within hours rather than months.
  • Advanced Data Science for Enterprise Readiness: The team at EverString Predictive Labs is comprised of some of the best minds in data science and has cracked the code on providing the value of Hadoop, Spark and Hive as a service. They collect and curate over a petabyte of data from both publicly available, commercial data sources as well as proprietary sources to construct the industry’s only complete list of B2B accounts that fuel their Audience Selection technology.
  • Seamless Management and Reporting Capabilities: With decades of collective experience as practitioners and helping customer accrue marketing value form big data, EverString presents a fine tuned set of management and reporting capabilities that are state of the art and best practice in this emerging space.

I started EverString with the vision that artificial intelligence would someday play a critical role across the entire sales and marketing process,” said Vincent Yang, CEO and co-founder of EverString. “I’m excited to see yet another extension of this vision being realized from the top of the funnel and beyond with our platform. Integrating ad targeting is an important piece of our value evolution as it enables us to deliver predictive all the way through the prospect to customer journey, enabling EverString users to attract, engage and convert leads.”

The market is hungry for predictive marketing

According to EverString’s 2015 State of Predictive Marketing Survey Report, revealed today, more than two thirds of marketers believe that predictive marketing will become a key piece of the marketing stack, indicating a revolution in the way CMOs plan to distribute their technology budgets going forward. Until now, there has not been an integrated solution on the market that offers predictive marketing capabilities throughout the complete customer lifecycle. The addition of Predictive Ad Targeting to the EverString Decision Platform addresses this gap and enables the future of marketing and sales by providing companies with a proven path to predictive.

Further validating the strength of the market for predictive technologies, EverString announced it secured the largest-ever Series B round in the martech sector, at $65 million. The company has grown nearly twice as fast as any other predictive marketing organizations, and is at the forefront of companies solving the Marketing Technology Dilemma.


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