Attivio Releases Data Source Discovery for Tableau

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AttivioAttivio, the Data Dexterity Company, announced the release of Attivio Data Source Discovery for Tableau, a self-service solution designed to radically reduce – from months to minutes – the time typically required to provision the right data for analysis in Tableau.  Attivio for Tableau streamlines the data discovery process by providing Tableau end users with an e-commerce-like shopping experience for their data, empowering them to quickly identify and unify all the right data for analysis in Tableau, while enabling IT executives to retain complete control over data access and governance.

Forrester Research estimates that 64% of any BI initiative is wasted on manually searching for and understanding data sources before any data preparation can even be done,” said Stephen Baker, CEO of Attivio.  “Attivio Data Source Discovery for Tableau dramatically accelerates the profiling, identifying, and unifying steps of the data discovery process, eliminating the principle bottleneck between agile data sources and Tableau.  This transforms analyst productivity, yields a far better return on Tableau investments, and enables top executives, such as Chief Data Officers, to drive global impact by accelerating data democratization,” continued Baker.

Gartner estimates that by 2017, 90% of big data information assets will be siloed and inaccessible across multiple business processes.  To address that challenge head-on, Attivio announces that Tableau 9 has achieved platinum-level partner certification, as the solution enables search-based data discovery directly from Tableau.  The combined solution will enable Tableau end users to break down data silos to generate visualizations based on all the right information available from across their enterprise.

Having a line of sight to all of the right data is critical in order to transform that data into actual outcomes for the business, and we see our own clients struggle with this all the time,” said Aidan J. O’Brien, General Manager of EMC’s Strategic Big Data Initiative.  “Our customers are fighting to be that one step ahead of their competition, and that means they need to transform data into insights – and take action on those insights – as fast as possible.  Attivio Data Source Discovery for Tableau provides a fast, easy, self-service solution for powering Tableau that we believe a great deal of our own clients will find powerful.”


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