AtScale Launches 3.0, Delivers Adaptive Cache™ for BI on Hadoop

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atscale_logoAtScale, the company to provide business users with fast and secure self-service BI access to Hadoop, announced that it has released a new version of its AtScale Intelligence Platform.  The AtScale Intelligence Platform 3.0 introduces key innovations related to enterprise security, scalability, integration with Tableau Server, Tableau Online, as well as a new patent-pending innovation: the industry’s first Adaptive Cache technology for BI on Hadoop.

Adaptive Cache is possibly one of the most meaningful breakthroughs in this space,” says Richard Langlois, Director of Enterprise Data Management at Yellow Pages (Canada), a leading digital media and marketing solutions company.  “We put the AtScale Adaptive Cache Technology through a test on 38B rows of data. The results were beyond expectations.”

Enterprise BI, on Hadoop

A recent industry survey showed that enterprises deploying BI on Hadoop were unprepared to handle performance, governance and accessibility demands.  The AtScale team, composed of veterans in the BI on Hadoop space has been intimately familiar with these issues.  Dave Mariani, the company’s founder and CEO, is one of the pioneers in the space, having built the first BI system on Hadoop at Yahoo!.

Prior to starting AtScale, Mariani ran engineering at Yahoo! where he had to provide secure and governed Hadoop analytics access for managing Yahoo!’s web sites and advertising platforms.  At Klout, his team managed a 250 node Hadoop cluster and connected it to Tableau. Along the way, he discovered the issues involved in connecting BI to Hadoop and he set out to create AtScale.

The industry is going through a massive transformation and enterprises need a solution that allows business users to access any data from anywhere,” says Mariani.  “Enabling this level of accessibility requires sophistication and a solid and secure platform.  With this release, AtScale becomes the BI on Hadoop vendor with the most enterprise-ready capabilities.”

The AtScale Adaptive Cache™

Hadoop is well known for its flexibility and its scalability.  But, when it comes to enabling interactive query from standard BI tools, this new data platform faces challenges.  Up until now, available solutions to solve the Hadoop performance challenge involved data indexing, costly transformation or data movement methodologies.

In this release, AtScale introduces a new patent-pending innovation that allows business users to get interactive query performance no matter what type of data they access: aggregate or atomic.  This new technology – called “Adaptive Cache” – is powered through the AtScale engine and it is the first of its kind to provide speed on unlimited scale, without requiring any data movement.


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