SGI Deploys over 200 Terabytes in Total Systems Running SAP HANA

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Today SGI announced that global deployments of the SGI UV 300H single-node system provide in total over 200 Terabytes of in-memory computing capacity to organizations running the SAP HANA platform.


Introduced just one year ago, more than 50 SGI UV 300H systems have been installed in organizations to run a variety of applications on SAP HANA, including the SAP ERP, SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM), SAP Bank Analyzer, and SAP Business Warehouse applications, as well as advanced analytics. Collectively these systems have performed with 99.99 percent uptime as measured by mean time to resolution (MTTR). Deployments also include multiple systems configured for high availability and disaster recovery to help provide “five 9s” (99.999 percent) application availability.

Our implementation of the 12TB SGI UV 300H in our In-Memory Research Laboratory has freed researchers to experiment with enterprise applications on very large in-memory databases and predictive applications,” said Hasso Plattner, Prof. Dr. h.c. mult., Hasso Plattner Institute. “The results are helping further innovation in real-time analytics with SAP HANA at unprecedented scale.”

The SGI UV 300H is SAP-certified for SAP HANA under general availability at 4 and 8 sockets with up to 6TB of shared memory, and under controlled availability at 12 sockets with up to 9TB of shared memory, 16 sockets with up to 12TB of shared memory, and 20 sockets with up to 15TB of shared memory. The future-ready SGI UV 300H system is designed to scale up to 32 sockets and 24TB of shared memory and is awaiting certification by SAP for SAP HANA. Featuring Intel Xeon E7 v2 processors, 7th generation SGI NUMAlink technology, and pre-installed with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server or newly supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP HANA, SGI UV 300H is available as an appliance or SAP HANA tailored data center integration solution.

We are proud of our success helping customers fully leverage SAP HANA now and equip them for years to come,” said Brian Freed, general manager high performance data analytics, SGI. “We are broadening our solution ecosystem, expanding our global presence, and excited about SAP’s continuing innovation with SAP S/HANA.”

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