VoltDB to Power Flipkart’s Real-Time Order Management

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VoltDB LogoVoltDB announced that Flipkart, India’s largest online marketplace, has selected the VoltDB in-memory SQL database to horizontally scale Flipkart’s real-time order management system. By combining streaming changes with transaction processing, VoltDB will empower Flipkart to unify its operational data in a single, horizontal scale-out platform to improve the consistency of data.

Flipkart, an online shopping destination that offers more than 30 million products across 70+ different categories, was looking to update its existing order management system, a multi-tier architecture designed to handle scale and ACID transactionality in different tiers. Powered by VoltDB, the new architecture will provide a unified relational view of the data from a single platform.

Flipkart’s business is growing rapidly and requires a highly scalable, real-time data infrastructure,” said Saurabh Tandon, Director of Engineering, Flipkart. “VoltDB has the scale, low latency and ACID transactionality we needed to meet our requirements.”

VoltDB is the highest throughput, lowest latency, SQL relational database, and is specifically built to tap the value of fast data (i.e., data in motion). It enables developers to build fast data pipelines by combining the capabilities of an operational database, real-time analytics, stream processing and transactions in a single integrated platform.

While batch processing of historical data has gotten faster over time, it’s an approach not well suited to applications where real-time processing or analysis is a key requirement,” said Ryan Betts, CTO, VoltDB. “VoltDB’s ability to analyze and transact on real-time data streams makes it an ideal solution for the speed and consistency required of today’s order processing systems. By accurately processing orders in real time, organizations such as Flipkart can improve operational efficiency and deliver a customized and differentiated customer experience.”

VoltDB recently released Version 5.6 of its in-memory database, which is available for download at: http://voltdb.com/download/software.


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