Peaxy Hyperfiler 3.0 Expands Data Access and Data-driven Insights

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Peaxy_logoPeaxy, Inc. announced the availability of version 3.0 of the Hyperfiler software platform. The new version helps enterprises find, manage, store, mine and reuse exponentially growing data assets. New data services in version 3.0 include index and search, enterprise-grade security, and support advanced analytics in Hadoop or Spark.

Search was the next natural step to empower users to more easily find information they need,” said Peaxy President and CEO Manuel Terranova. “We hear business, research and engineering leaders saying that the most valuable people in their enterprises are losing far too much time looking for digital assets. We’re solving some of the toughest data access problems in industries like energy, genomics and aviation.”

According to Nik Rouda, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), “Data accessibility is often taken for granted, but it’s a critical attribute of Big Data—if you can’t find it, it can’t tell you anything. Peaxy Hyperfiler enables this.”

Unprecedented Ability to Index and Search Large Unstructured Datasets

Since the search service is fully integrated with our data management functions, the system indexes efficiently,” said Peaxy CTO Francesco Lacapra. “It requires re-indexing only when a file is changed (and not when it’s moved), keeping performance high. Our search also features parsers for CAD file formats which are important to our industrial customers.”

A Foundation for Hadoop and Spark Computations

Interoperability with HDFS and POSIX empowers users to perform computations on Hadoop or Spark and store data in Hyperfiler regardless of application, storage type or location of the original data. This interoperability, combined with Hyperfiler permanent pathnames, allows industrial and life science users to “trace back” to original data when a review or new analysis of the source data is necessary.

Security Services

New security services provide strong authentication. Three security levels for data collection are available. Administrators ensure that only authorized machines and users connect. Full 256-bit authenticated encryption on-the-wire protects data movement between physical locations.


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