ExtraHop Introduces Explore Search Appliance for Turnkey Big Data Analytics

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ExtraHop-logoExtraHop, a leader in real-time wire data analytics for IT and business intelligence, announced the fifth generation of its platform. The company’s latest innovation positions ExtraHop as a pioneer in real-time stream analytics for all data-in-motion with market-leading dynamic discovery and universal observation capabilities. These features, when paired with the new ExtraHop Explore appliance, deliver sophisticated historical search and multi-dimensional analysis of all wire data. Extended Open Data Stream capabilities include support for Kafka and REST, delivering correlation and contextualization to extract value from a wider array of datasets.

In his October 2015 report, “Causal Analysis Makes Availability and Performance Data Actionable,” Gartner Research VP Will Cappelli wrote: “Recognition that more data does not equate to availability and performance process improvement is cascading across global enterprises. As a result, users have begun to insist that any ITOA solution should focus not only on the ingestion, storage and access to data, but also on tools for making that data meaningful and actionable.”

Wire data encompasses all network, client, application, infrastructure, and business data – all data-in-motion. ExtraHop 5.0 delivers turnkey stream analytics for wire data, enabling organizations to automatically discover devices, systems, and their relationships; observe and measure their behavior; and explore this data to unlock powerful, cross-domain insights that extend across the business.

  • Operations teams are empowered to accelerate Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives with agentless, incremental monitoring of dynamic environments and connected devices.
  • Network and IT security teams can now rapidly correlate all north/south, and east/west traffic, whether in the datacenter or the cloud. This visibility enables teams to drill down to easily identify anomalous and disruptive behavior from any device or user, speeding insight into how that behavior is impacting the performance, availability, and security of the infrastructure, dramatically improving mean time to resolution and ensuring persistent visibility.
  • Line of Business stakeholders can access granular insight into individual user experiences, enabling them to better track, monitor, and improve that experience to drive revenue and improve brand perception.

The incredible rate of technology adoption in the enterprise is ushering in a new era, transforming IT from a support center to a force multiplier for business,” said Jesse Rothstein, CEO, ExtraHop. “The fifth generation of the ExtraHop platform is designed to empower this transformation, enabling for the first time truly data-driven operations. Our platform allows organizations to discover, explore, and take command of their network, client, application, and business data in a single platform, delivering unprecedented insights that drive collaboration, understanding, and value.”

The fifth generation of the ExtraHop platform offers robust new multi-dimensional search and analytics features:

  • The ExtraHop Explore appliance empowers IT and business stakeholders to query, investigate, and correlate standard or custom-defined historical metrics. When coupled with the real-time, full-stream analytics of the ExtraHop Discover Appliance, users have a comprehensive, dynamic, and multi-dimensional view into the most voluminous and accurate source of IT and business data.
  • Open Data Stream for Kafka extends the power of the company’s first-to-market open architecture to support the correlation of multiple data sets and streamlines the distribution of those data sets to multiple destinations.
  • Dynamic Discovery allows for the automatic discovery of any device in the environment (including IoT connected devices), understands device dependencies, and tracks activity without instrumentation. L2 tunneling enables monitoring and analysis of virtual-machine-to-virtual-machine traffic, including virtual L2 segments such as SDN and private cloud. Expanded protocol support for DHCP, Telnet, Kerberos, and MSMQ, provides deeper insight across the environment.
  • Universal Observation delivers continuous, comprehensive observation of the IT environment from the highest level to granular, second-by-second detail to help IT identify anomalous and disruptive behavior from any device or user in real time.
  • A REST API leverages the ExtraHop platform’s comprehensive understanding of all user, application, network, and business activity for smarter orchestration and automation. For the first time in the industry, users can programmatically use, control, and administrate any physical or virtual appliance through any programming language.
  • New user interface and user experience features in version 5.0 are designed to make the richest data set in IT available to all users by simplifying and accelerating the time to exploration and discovery. Key new features include a visual query language, making search and data pivots simple and accessible to all users; dynamic tables for rapidly building comparisons of any transaction attribute; and selective dashboard sharing including the ability to handpick eligible users. New global navigation dynamically guides users through metrics, pivots quickly between options, and easily navigates back through history. A “recent pages” option provides a bookmark-like history for easy look-back navigation.

While competitive offerings are priced based on indexing or data ingestion rates, preventing organizations from acquiring and storing data, the new Explore Appliance is priced on a per-node basis with no data restrictions and as much look back as the customer chooses to provision. The virtual appliance starts at a list price of $10,000 per node and can index and store over 1 billion messages per day.


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