Solix Case Study: Helping The Biggest Supplier with their Big Data

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BigData use caseABC Supply is the largest wholesale distributor of roofing and exterior building products in the United States. ABC Supply’s success is the result of an  unwavering focus on a single, simple guiding principle treat contractors (large and small) with respect and give them the products and services they  need to build their businesses. ABC Supply offers high quality products, superior service and competitive pricing, ensuring contractors have the  products they need when and where they need them.

Maintaining their status as the largest distributor and high quality service requires many responsibilities including maintaining a state of the art delivery system, ongoing training for every ABC Supply associate, actively listening to their customers and appropriately organizing and archiving their Big Data.

With any large corporation comes data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. Tony Vaden, VP and  Chief Information Officer at ABC Supply, needed to expand his traditional data archiving and find a Big Data management suite that could help ABC Supply take their data offline but still accessible.

Once Tony started researching data management companies, he realized that every company boasts a Big Data component. Overwhelmed by the  options, Tony discovered Solix . Solix was able to cite specific examples of their work and show exact product offerings. Instead of boasting about their  capabilities, they were one of the few companies that was transparent and could walk the walk and talk the talk.

Tony decided to give Solix a try and has been nothing but impressed. Solix has expanded ABC Supply’s traditional app achieving footprint, helped to  keep their ERP system trim and migrated the data allowing for more creativity and freedom. “Solix is more innovative and passionate about what they do then trying to sell their product,” added Tony.

I firmly believe Big Data is a now a foundation technology and every CIO should become the champion of innovation for Big Data. It should and will  become a core part of the IT platform along side of ERP, eCommerce, HCM. CRM, etc. It is a technology solution the business can grow and expand  into as opportunities present themselves. I believe this is an opportunity for IT and the CIO to demonstrate leadership in innovation,” states Tony.

Tony has seen a return on investment as Solix has eliminated the costs of their old app and created more opportunities for growth and creativity for  the ABC Supply team. Currently Solix and ABC Supply are working together on many more future ventures including and not limited to integrated customer feedback, search engine and service process for security, as ABC Supply now has more accessibility and creativity with their Big Data.

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