FairCom’s c-treeACE Version 11 Delivers Significant Updates to Multimodel No+SQL Database

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Faircom_logoFairCom®, a pioneer in multimodel No+SQL integrated database management, announced the availability of version 11 of c-treeACE®. As the industry’s most powerful multimodel NoSQL and SQL solution for enterprise data, c-treeACE empowers developers to work directly with a NoSQL key-value store and a SQL layer simultaneously. V11 of c-treeACE contains over 300 enhancements from the previous release.

With new optimization options offered in V11, c-treeACE allows up to 300% higher throughput, while keeping data consistent and durable. New c-treeACE configurations allow developers to use flexible schemas to customize unique ways of storing and retrieving data.

The performance gains our users’ report, demonstrate that giving developers precision control over their database operations really creates impactful benefits for their applications,” said Alysha Brown, COO of FairCom. “As a developer partner, we’ve worked closely with customers to focus on the features that make the most difference. They will be especially excited about expanded Java offerings and support and our new real-time replication technology.”

The new release will build upon the core technology that has made c-treeACE the foundation for thousands of vertical market, embedded, and corporate applications worldwide, including UPS, IBM, Thomson Reuters, and Visa. c-treeACE V11 features and supportive functionality include:

  • Multimodel No+SQL™ – For more than a decade, FairCom has blended SQL and NoSQL into an integrated database. With V11, FairCom is expanding full read/write SQL capabilities over NoSQL data.
  • Performance gains – Performance enhancements throughout have provided an opportunity for an overall 20% gain over c-treeACE V10. A new Delayed Durability mode for transaction processing achieves up to a 300% gain.
  • In-memory speed – V11 leverages FairCom’s considerable experience with in-memory files. The exceptional throughput is measured in hundreds of thousands — or even millions — of records per second.
  • More Java options – Expanded Java offerings, including:
    • JPA: NoSQL Java Persistence API quickly converts existing apps
    • JEE: Enterprise Java Beans make c-tree available as a Resource Adaptor
    • JTDB: Fast NoSQL access to c-tree files
    • JDBC: Type IV JDBC driver for industry-standard apps
  • Expanded stored procedures – Unique in offering abilities to implement stored procedures and triggers in the NoSQL and SQL models. With .NET support, V11 introduces an additional environment for developing stored procedures.

We think that FairCom’s unique ability to provide simultaneous access to data through multimodel NoSQL and SQL means addresses a level of flexibility and control that developers are looking for in 2016,” said Robin Bloor, Chief Analyst of The Bloor Group. “We look forward to seeing where this major V11 update takes FairCom and their customers.”

This announcement is on the heels of FairCom being recognized by Gartner, Inc. in the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems for the second consecutive year. The Quadrant analyzes each vendor’s ability to execute and their completeness of vision. FairCom views the inclusion as a testament to its customer satisfaction, loyal customer base, and the strength of its c-treeACE technology.

For more information, see www.faircom.com/v11-is-here


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