The Data Science Industry: Who Does What

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The data science field is HOT, and it is unlikely that this will change in the near future. While a data driven approach is finding its way into all facets of business, companies are fiercely fighting for the best data analytic skills that are available in the market, and salaries for data science roles are going in hyperdrive.

The increased focus on acquiring data science talent goes hand in hand with the creation of a whole new set of data science roles and titles. Sometimes new roles and titles are added to reflect changing needs; other times they are probably created as a creative way to differentiate from fellow recruiters. Either way, it’s hard to get a general understanding of the different job roles, and it gets even harder when you’re looking to figure out what job role could best fit your personal and professional ambitions.

Our friends over at DataCamp took a look at this avalanche of data science job postings in an attempt to unravel these cool-sounding and playful job titles into a comparison of different data science related careers. The infographic below, “The Data Science Industry: Who Does What”, summarizes the results.

The infographic compares the roles of data scientists, data analysts, data architects, data engineers, statisticians and many more. The perspective is roles within companies and the data science process, what technologies were mastered, and what the typical skill-set and mindset is for each role. To tie it all together, the infographic includes the top employers that are currently hiring these different data science roles and how the average national salaries of these roles map out against each other.

Finally! This is a comprehensive look that serves to combat the elusive “unicorn” role that so many companies seek these days. As is seen here, a “team” is what’s needed not an individual.




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