Machine Learning: Hottest Tech Trend in the Next 3-5 Years?

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Machine learning is the technology under the veil that powers many exciting new products, enabling them to appear nearly magical to consumers. Back in May 2013, Steve Jurvetson of DFJ said on the Churchill Club stage that he believes machine learning will be one of the most important tech trends over the next 3-5 years for innovation and economic growth. That was about 2 and half years ago; was the sentiment accurate? You betcha!

The talk focused on – by leveraging big data to allow computers to develop evolving behaviors, machine learning is vastly improving pattern recognition, allowing for broad application such as improved facial and speech recognition for application in many industries, especially national security. This set of distinguished speakers included Jeremy Howard of Kaggle, Peter Norvig of Google, and Gurjeet Singh of Ayasdi, and explore implications of the trend, and some of the most exciting opportunities it represents. The panel turned out to be an inspiring and informative discussion. The moderator was  Janet George, Managing Director, Cognitive Computing R&D, Accenture Technology Labs.


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