ScaleOut Software Releases Performance Enhancements for ScaleOut StateServer® In-Memory Computing Platform

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ScaleOut_newlogoScaleOut Software, a leading provider of in-memory computing software, released version 5.4 of the core technology within its ScaleOut StateServer® product line. Highly anticipated new features include performance enhancements for large multicore systems, Object Browser support for handling massive production workloads, and an AppFabric Caching Compatibility Library. Through this upgrade, the company’s entire portfolio of products, including ScaleOut ComputeServer™ and ScaleOut hServer®, will benefit from these additional capabilities.

ScaleOut Software’s in-memory data grid technology provides continuous and instant access to fast-changing data for large enterprises with ever increasing application workloads. With its ability to handle access requests in parallel, a comprehensive set of APIs, patented high availability, and new performance updates, ScaleOut Software provides the fastest and most intuitive in-memory computing platform for analyzing operational data and providing immediate feedback to live systems. ScaleOut StateServer is the solution of choice for over 35 Fortune 500 companies, which turn to its fast, scalable, in-memory data grid technology to support mission-critical applications, such as ecommerce and financial services, where high availability and low latency processing are key.

In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace big data isn’t enough. To stay in the game, enterprises across many industries must constantly attain full value from their fast-changing data as well, incorporating these insights around the clock for real-time feedback,” said Dr. William L. Bain, founder and CEO of ScaleOut Software. “ScaleOut StateServer 5.4 makes this possible by raising the bar in advancing in-memory computing technology and delivering powerful performance that offers enterprises unprecedented capabilities for operational intelligence in their live systems.”

ScaleOut StateServer 5.4 includes a lineup of new enhancements designed to provide faster operational intelligence for today’s live systems and the ability to handle even larger workloads:

Performance Enhancements for Large Multi-Core Systems
IBM and ScaleOut Software joined forces recently to assess the performance advantages of running the company’s in-memory computing platform on POWER8 systems. Extensive testing of ScaleOut hServer on 20-160 core POWER8 clusters fueled new performance optimizations, which are now incorporated into ScaleOut StateServer 5.4. This update enables customers with large multi-core servers to minimize thread contention and lower both access times and computing latency.

Updates to ScaleOut Software’s Exclusive Object Browser for Massive Production Workloads
ScaleOut Software further raises the bar with enhancements to its Object Browser, which now incorporates technology to quickly sort and visualize very large object collections. This newest technology, originally developed for use with the company’s MapReduce product features, enables the Object Browser to efficiently manage much larger workloads than was previously possible. Being able to see and manage objects stored within the grid provides developers and administrators with invaluable insights for both application development and grid management.

Addition of AppFabric Caching Compatibility Library
This enterprise-ready, fully supported, commercial alternative to Microsoft’s Windows Server AppFabric (WSAF) Caching APIs allows customers to preserve their legacy application code and switch seamlessly to ScaleOut StateServer without making changes. With the AppFabric Caching Compatibility Library, customers also can use familiar PowerShell commands to manage their distributed cache while gaining the benefits of ScaleOut Software’s powerful, in-memory data grid functionality. Running AppFabric-compatible applications under ScaleOut StateServer dramatically simplifies installation and management of a distributed cache, while giving users access to a lineup of new capabilities that delivers significant performance advantages with maximum ease-of-use.


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