DataHero Rolls Out AdWords Connector for Self-Service Data Analysis

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Datahero_logoDataHero, a leading provider of Cloud BI, is launching its AdWords connector, giving marketers, digital marketing agencies and advertisers the ability to create a rich set of visualizations for each available Google AdWords report in only a few clicks. Designed with a drag-and-drop interface, DataHero allows any user to easily connect to the cloud services they use most, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Stripe and now AdWords, among others.

AdWords is an exceptional lead generation tool, but reporting on the performance and results of AdWords campaigns is often challenging for marketers as it requires pulling data from various different sources,” said Stephen Barone, COO at FullFunnel. “With DataHero, we can seamlessly connect performance data from AdWords, with landing page and conversion metrics from both HubSpot and Google Analytics all within one easy-to-use platform. This helps us make sense of AdWords spend and ensures we’re using data to drive decision making.”

With the Google AdWords connector, DataHero users will now gain access to over 20 AdWords reports, ranging from campaigns, ads, keywords and search terms to geographic performance and destination URLs. Each report is populated with important metrics including impressions, interactions, cost-per-click, click-through-rate, cost and status. To decipher trends, users can break down campaigns and ads across times using the date component. For agents managing multiple Google AdWords accounts, DataHero provides an easy-to-use interface to select the user’s data of interest.

Steering prospects to digital properties is a core component of driving success, and digital marketing and advertising agencies are in need of ways to analyze these results,” said Ed Miller, CEO of DataHero. “Google AdWords has been  the most popular connector requested by our users, especially digital agencies. Now they can analyze data from AdWords along with the other cloud services used everyday to measure performance.”

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