nFlate Empowers eCommerce Sites with Amazon-Like Product Recommendation Engine

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nFlate_logonFlate opened its doors launching the world’s 1st recommendation science as a service platform for eCommerce companies. The cloud offering allows site owners to add site-matching, data science-based product recommendation carousels to their sites in just 60 seconds. Personalized product recommendation systems, deployed by companies like Amazon, have been shown to increase consumer engagement and deliver up to a 35% lift in overall revenue.

Today less than 5% of the 1 million plus online retailers use recommendation systems. Data science is complex and data scientists are unicorns in today’s employment market,” noted nFlate CEO Joe Monastiero. “Competitive solutions have generally involved large up front costs, a lot of handholding and disruptive integrations.  With nFlate, integration is quick, painless and there are no upfront costs.”

The nFlate solution is initially being offered on the popular Shopify platform and will be free for the first 90 days of use. The web app takes just a minute to install and users’ shopping behaviors immediately begin funneling to the cloud. Once installed, site-matching product recommendation carousels and sliders automatically appear on home, collection, product and checkout pages.

nFlate delivers on its promise”, said Amar Gandi, Founder of AN & Associates and an owner of eight eCommerce sites and an nFlate client. “Their carousels and sliders increase customer engagement, deliver revenue upside and they match our site perfectly.”

The company offers a dozen recommendation types, including “Frequently Bought Together”, “People That Bought This Also Bought” and “Currently Trending Items”. nFlate beta sites are averaging over 100% in site conversion improvement. nFlate will broaden its reach in the 1st half of 2016 with support for other major eCommerce platforms, including Magento, eBay and WooCommerce. A stand-alone version of the nFlate technology will also be offered to retailers who build and manage their own storefronts.


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