Global Study Reveals 90 Percent of Companies Benefit from Big Data in Today’s Application Economy

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If 84% of companies are adopting Big Data projects this year, why are 92% of them still seeing obstacles in their implementation? That is what a global study commissioned by CA Technologies explored.

  • The top five major obstacles include: insufficient existing infrastructure (32 percent), organizational complexity (27 percent), security/compliance concerns (26 percent), lack of budget/resources (25 percent), and a lack of visibility into information and processes (25 percent).
  • According to the survey, 84 percent of respondents’ organizations will have implemented such projects within the year. Simultaneously, spending on these projects is expected to increase from 18 to 25 percent over the next three years.
  • Respondents report already seeing, or anticipating, benefits of increased revenue (88 percent), improved competitive positioning (92 percent), ability to provide new products or services (94 percent), and more effective targeted marketing campaigns (90 percent).




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