Access Group Selects Infobright for Fast, Client-Specific Delivery of Data Analysis

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Infobright_logoInfobright, the database analytics platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), announced that it has partnered with Access Group, a leading business management software provider, to help the company quickly and accurately process large amounts of complicated data sets in the cloud. Through this partnership, Access customers will quickly gain actionable insights from their data that will help drive the business forward.

One of the fastest growing software developers in the UK, Access simplifies the way people use data by making it a natural part of how they make decisions. Access eliminates complicated data warehouses and other services that inhibit companies from the rapid deployment of business intelligence (BI) features that help get the most out of data. Through the Infobright partnership, Access can process larger amounts of data at a much faster pace, without requiring additional capital and resource expenditures.

What we are seeing in the marketplace is that many mid-market organizations want to collect and analyze more data, but they don’t have the resources to hire a full-time data scientist, or implement a data warehouse with a sophisticated aggregated dataset,” said Richard Gyles, aCloud Head of Sales, Access Group. “Combining our platform with the Infobright solution enables us to present our customers, who want to work with large data sets that are not structured on a more traditional relational database, with a performance system that is easy to implement and use.”

Access selected Infobright’s Enterprise Edition (IEE) because its ease of use and flexibility allows Access to customize its data solutions based on customer needs. For example, IEE is embedded into the Access Insight platform for just the customers who require more data ingestion and analysis. This allows Access to offer its solution at an attractive cost that is determined by specific customer needs, while also reducing delivery time. Additionally, Infobright is already part of both the PostgreSQL and MySQL stack, which eliminated the need for Access to learn how to operate a brand new management system.

Access Group is making quick strides in the business management platform marketplace, already servicing more than 7,000 customers in the UK,” said Don DeLoach, President and CEO, Infobright. “We are excited to be part of Access’ fast-paced growth by helping them to land bigger deals with a platform that appeals to specific clients’ needs at an affordable cost, while allowing them to keep working with a toolset that they are already comfortable using.”


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