Arcadia Data Takes On Outdated BI and Visualization Tools with New Enterprise Solution Built for Big Data

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ArcadiaDataArcadia Data, provider of a unified visual analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform for big data, announced the release of Arcadia Enterprise, a full-scale visual analytics and BI solution that runs natively in Hadoop. Arcadia Enterprise is a modern solution that collapses the legacy enterprise data management stack for data discovery, visualization and business intelligence on big data. By delivering an industry-first distributed, self-learning architecture native to Hadoop, Arcadia Enterprise enables business analysts and users to explore net-new analytics against billions of data records, autoscaling to handle thousands of simultaneous queries with near real-time responsiveness.

Legacy BI and visualization tools were not designed for big data. They use data architectures built in the era of proprietary data warehouses, which forces IT to build redundant, costly and complex architectures that rely on moving data outside these primary data stores. This outdated approach is slow and limits users to only samples and aggregates of the data. Business analysts and users often must wait months to get the answers to their big data queries and, even then, they don’t get the granularity of insight required to drive better business decisions.

Arcadia Enterprise frees business users to work directly with their data on Hadoop to quickly explore across parallel data sets to go several levels deeper into big data, which is not currently possible with legacy tools or lightweight BI-with-Hadoop approaches that only sample or move data around. On the fly, Arcadia Enterprise learns which queries are most performance critical and continuously optimizes the data inside of Hadoop. With Arcadia, IT is able to simplify its big data infrastructure, while business users get to the insights they need quickly and easily.

For three years, we’ve been evaluating the market for a BI product with an architectural signature which can leverage the power that you have in the Hadoop cluster,” said Terry McFadden, Associate Director, Global Business Services, Procter & Gamble. “Other tools in the BI and analytics space, many predating Hadoop, require that data be pulled out of Hadoop first. Arcadia Enterprise is the first product we found that provides truly on-cluster Hadoop BI in the way we were seeking. Its execution model and user self-service approach deliver performance at Hadoop scale, and lets us develop our analytics quickly.”

Overview of Key Features and Benefits

In an environment where data is increasingly used to drive business decisions, Arcadia helps businesses break down the walls between IT and data-savvy business end-users to make big data analytics accessible to all.

Powerful and simplified: visual analytics built on BI architecture

  • Runs natively on Hadoop nodes, connecting business users to Hadoop.
  • Leverages the scale, data and security infrastructure of the Hadoop cluster, for concurrent access across hundreds of users with near real-time response.

Explore data directly, don’t start with data marts and cubes

  • Simple visual interface provides exploration and semantic modeling on breadth and depth of all your data.
  • Models data continuously based on actual queries with Active Data Store.
  • Accelerates the cycle of data production and consumption by eliminating the intermediate data stack technologies and appliances such as data warehousing, OLAP servers and data marts.

Self-service capabilities for advanced analytical insight, no coding required

  • Provides end-users with drag-and-drop access to granular path analysis, flow and funnel algorithms, behavior-based segmentation and dimension/measure correlations through on-cluster execution.
  • Enables controlled sharing across stakeholders with visualizations that let business users drill deep within their authorized datasets via Web-first data-driven applications.

Big data is becoming the heartbeat of business, but it’s often shackled by BlackBerry-era BI and visualization technologies. Business users seeking new insights and intelligence from big data are left wanting because the traditional enterprise solutions in use by IT are engineered on archaic BI platforms with limited functionality and scalability,” said Sushil Thomas, CEO at Arcadia Data. “Arcadia Data set out to break through the old stack to give both business users and IT a new Hadoop-native approach that multiplies big data ROI and delivers new analytics at scale.”


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