Enterprise NoSQL Database MarkLogic® 8 Earns Common Criteria Security Certification

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Marklogic_logoMarkLogic Corporation, the Enterprise NoSQL database platform provider, announced the latest version of its database, MarkLogic® 8, has received common criteria security certification. The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (Common Criteria) is the driving force for the widest available mutual recognition of secure IT products worldwide. As the only Enterprise NoSQL vendor included in this prestigious group, MarkLogic’s database uniquely provides the flexibility and agility of NoSQL with enterprise-hardened features like ACID transactions for data reliability and transactional consistency, elasticity, real-time alerting, high availability, disaster recovery, enterprise-grade security, and tiered storage.

In addition to achieving Common Criteria security certification, the MarkLogic database offers various security models for granular security, such as Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC), Policy-Based Access Control (PBAC), or Label-Based Access Control (LBAC). The MarkLogic database also employs mutual and external authentication, powerful auditing capabilities and compartment security options. Additionally, the MarkLogic database powers numerous government agencies, running on systems that are PL3/ICD 503 and DITSCAP certified and accredited—top level certifications for classified systems in the U.S. Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. These systems go through extensive testing to ensure they meet stringent measures for access, authentication, management, audits, role separation, and system assurance.

Last year, businesses saw a 38 percent increase in security incidents. As hackers and cyber terrorists become more aggressive, enterprises and governments must take steps to assure that their data is secure and their vendors are keeping pace with the threats,” said Joe Pasqua, executive vice president, product strategy, MarkLogic. “Security has been built into the MarkLogic database from day one. As we’ve expanded our presence in government agencies, healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and enterprises throughout the world, we’ve further strengthened our capabilities with certified security that is required to manage and operationalize data. We will continue to maintain the highest possible levels of security to ensure data integrity, trusted information and protected content.”

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized International Standards Organization standard (ISO/IEC 15408) used by governments and other organizations to assess the security capabilities of technology products. Under Common Criteria, products are evaluated according to strict standards for various features, such as security functionality and the handling of security vulnerabilities. Common Criteria gives customers more confidence in the security of technology products and helps lead to more informed decisions.


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